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Keith NoakesAugust 19, 2015

Some of you may (or may not) be wondering why I haven’t done a third part for any of the series of posts on my site. If you’ve missed them, here they are again:

  1. Fallout 3 Playthrough (Part 1)(Part 2)
  2. Where Nightmares Are Made (Part 1)(Part 2)
  3. The Hall of Shame (Part 1)(Part 2)
  4. A Worthy Waste of Time (Part 1)(Part 2)

The reason for this is kind of an inside joke to fans of the Half-Life series of PC games. The story behind that (for those who don’t already know) is that after the second game (which is one of the best games of all time and I will argue this till the death) came out in 2004 and after the subsequent expansions came out the series was left on a cliffhanger after Half-Life 2 Episode 2 in 2007 (to say the least) and fans (including myself) have wanted to go back and continue the story. I will not go much further into this but if you are interested, just google Half-Life 3. This will probably not change anything and I don’t think Mr. Gabe (some of you know who he is) is listening but I will hold off on third parts for now until I at least hear more information about Half-Life 3. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who wants this. I’d be okay with Portal 3 as well but Half-Life 3 is what I really want. I’ve seen what other people have done to further this issue and I have found their attempts quite admirable so I am doing my part in my own little way. Like I said, this probably won’t change anything but I guess I’m just making my intentions known. I do intend on continuing all of these eventually but that will happen once I have time which I haven’t had too much of lately. I encourage anyone to comment on this with what you may like (or don’t) or any suggestions as to what I can do to make this site better. This also applies to my movie reviews. If you agree (or disagree) with me, please let me know. I try not to go to deeply into them so they usually end up on the short side. I do this to make them easier and quicker to read and because of this, they are easier and quicker to write. My current job doesn’t give too much time to do anything so I’ve been trying to find something in this field. If you want to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (I am now questioning that choice), you can do so from my homepage. I am also planning on setting up an Instagram account within the next little while. I look forward to talking to all of you again very soon.

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