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Ariba BhuvadNovember 28, 2017

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Synopsis: The parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers.  (TVGuide) 

Writer: Mike Vukadinovich

Director: Ramsey Nickell

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45 minutes

Last week we were introduced to the world of Marvel’s Runaways and swept away into their mysterious world of parental cults, dinosaurs, and human sacrifices. As the story continues in the fourth episode, the mystery gets creepier.

The episode begins with a flashback to Nico’s sister, Amy’s, death, which we are led to believe was a suicide. After discovering her sister dead in her bed, Niko was completely grief-stricken and tried to call 911. However, her mother, Tina, showed up with the magical staff and rendered Nico unconscious before she could make the call. Upon waking, Nico discovers Tina talking to a mysterious man/detective (Ric Sarabia) that was going to “handle everything.”

Upon discovering police had found Destiny’s body, the kids have a virtual meeting to discuss what this means. It seems they are divisive in their thoughts about what their parents are up to. This conversation leads Alex back to his father’s study where he discovers the coasters no longer open the secret door. Even more frightening, he discovers a box full of cash and a gun in his desk!

The parents hold an emergency PRIDE meeting to discuss the need for a new sacrifice. In a deep state of hallucinations since Destiny, Victor believes he captured someone for the sacrifice. However, upon opening the door, there is no one in the van. This meeting results in Victor and Robert heading to the slums to find a replacement. They end up getting themselves arrested when a bum attacks them.

Niko is frustrated after reading Amy’s diary where she learns that her sister couldn’t have committed suicide. There is something darker at play with their parents and she is ready to out them. She heads to the police station with Alex to report two deaths, Amy’s and Destiny’s. There, they spot Victor and Robert walking in with…the mysterious man from the day of Amy’s death.

Things take a drastically weird turn when back at the Church of Gibborim, Leslie undresses and gets into bed naked with the rotting alien-ish living corpse. It has become clear that this body stays “alive” via the sacrifices and is somehow connected to the cult.

In an effort to clear their parent’s names, Gert and Karolina decide to check out Karolina’s home for any clues. They come across a folder titled “Ultra” that they are unable to get into but save onto a USB for Alex to crack.

Karolina finally learns the truth about what happened the night of the party from Chase. Still confused over the significance of her church bracelet, she takes it off again to show Chase what happens. Remember the epic colorful lights that happened last time she took it off? It happened again, but this time she didn’t seem to pass out. Hmm, interesting.

Meanwhile, there is a dinosaur on the loose and the Yorkes’ are on a mission to find it and get out of town ASAP. It appears the dinosaur never left the house as Molly has a close encounter with it, but is saved in the nick of time when Gert comes home. It will be interesting to see the connection that the dinosaur and Gert share, as it listens to any command she gives to it. Stacey and Dale return home to find the girls with the dinosaur and attempt to explain what is going on. They are interrupted by Tina who shows up to confront them about missing the PRIDE meeting. Things get intense when she threatens them with the knowledge of knowing they are trying to leave and go to the ranch in Yucatan, and implying they have no way out.

Remember the “Ultra” file? Alex finds a way to discover the contents of it, only to find out that those who have been sacrificed are referred to as, runaways. Not to mention, they learn that these “runaways” have been hand-picked by Leslie over the last fifteen years. Nico calls Karolina with the reveal who is completely heartbroken and lost over the news.

Victor walks in on Chase working on some sort of robotic hand, aka Fisticons. In a panic, Chase hides everything only to have his father take it out and destroy it. Ugh. Chase is caught by surprise when he learns that Victor broke the device because he knows he can do better and asks to know everything about it.

The episode closes out with a dramatic twist and cliffhanger as Niko runs out of the cafe to witness someone kidnapping Alex!

All in all, this episode built upon the strong plotline and drama of the three that precede it. The music, characters, and story have you invested in what mysteries will present next. As things are getting darker and more complicated, it will be interesting to learn more about this cult, it’s purpose, and how the parents got involved in it. Not to mention, the unusual story about the creepy alien body that feeds off of the sacrifices. Suffice to say, we are hooked and can’t wait to see more!

Score: 7.5/10

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