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Critics w/o CredentialsNovember 30, 2017

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Synopsis: Elliot tries to get ghosted; it is the day of all days. (IMDB)

Director: Sam Esmail

Writer: Sam Esmail

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 47mins

This episode finds Elliot on a redemption tour after spending the past three weeks held up in his apartment trying to come to terms with the results of the Stage 2 explosions. Darlene tries to bring him to a place of peace with all that has happened but Elliot assures her that while he will eventually get to that place ultimately he just needs some more time. His tour calls for him to visit both Shama and Sunil’s family each with a very different perspective towards their accused family.

Sunil’s brother, who hardly knew him, reacts harshly towards Elliot and completely believes everything being said about his brother much to Elliot’s dismay. Shama’s parents are fearful of what is to come but truly appreciate the kind words that Elliot speaks about her. This encounter leads Elliot on an unforeseen adventure involving Mohammad, Shama’s younger brother, who disrupts his plans for suicide instead taking him on a trip to see Back to the Future in theaters and to his local mosque. This flusters Elliot but also allows him a momentary escape from all that had been ailing him up until then.

SIDE NOTE: If you answered THE MARTIAN when presented with the question: Which would you rather see; The Martian or Back to the Future? Then there is no more hope for you. 

Elliot finalizes his journey back to the living with a visit to Angela whom he interacts with through her apartment door, reminiscing about childhood memories. This helps her return to the living as well because it had become very apparent that she was having a very difficult time dealing with the fallout of the past week’s events. In the end, they found each other once again and brought one another back from a point of no return.

What was most enjoyable about this episode was that it offered the viewer a break from the usual panic-stricken and neurotic Elliot and instead chose to focus on his ability to make some small form of penance and amends for his part in the attacks. It served as a glimmer of hope of what could be if he does eventually take dominion over Mr. Robot but we ultimately know that task is a very long road ahead. What stood out most in this episode, was not so much of the story centered around Elliot but more in how the story was shown. This episode was filled with gorgeous cinematography and well-lit shots that created an eerily calm setting which has been atypical of this season so far.

Most notable among these were the scenes within the mosque that featured a beautifully focused overhead camera shot of Mohammad and Elliot sitting and talking as well as vibrant gold and blues when switched to a profiled shot of Mohammad. Also, the difference in lighting between Elliot and Angela at her apartment was incredible and did such a perfect job of filling in subtext while the dialogue was spoken. As mentioned earlier, this episode was one of the stronger episodes of the season but for very different reasons than those that have accompanied previous episodes. It was a calm and calculated measure of where Elliot found himself after the attacks and how he sought to remedy all of the damage he had a part in.

Looking ahead, the story seems to take yet another unexpected turn as Elliot finds a small kernel of information regarding the possibility of reversing the hacks against E Corps by Trenton. This was alluded to in last week’s episode shortly before she was murdered and it looks to be a possibility moving forward for Elliot to ensure that he can have some control back over the people that used him from the very beginning. I still stand by my prediction that both he and Mr. Robot will find some common ground and work as one in order to take down The Dark Army. This is a factor that WhiteRose will not have planned for and one that could be exciting as it unfolds.

Score: 7/10


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