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Ariba BhuvadJanuary 9, 2018

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Synopsis: The Runaways face off with their parents. But when Jonah arrives unexpectedly with a new game plan, the kids realize they are over their heads. (TV Guide) 

Writer: Quinton Peeples

Director: Marc Jobst

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45mins

And that’s a wrap on the premiere season of Marvel’s Runaways! It has been quite the rollercoaster adventure and as the finale indicated, things are just getting started.

Picking up in the aftermath of last week’s episode, the parents and kids appear to be in a face-off at the construction site. With all their powers, tools, and a psychic dinosaur in tow, the kids are ready to take on their parents after all they have put them through. And just as things start to get intense, Jonah shows up. Gung-ho on making the kids stand down, Jonah attacks them with a light emanating from within him. Did that prevent the kids from getting right back up? NOPE!

Aware that Jonah wants to deal directly with her, Karolina asks the rest of the group to leave and let her deal with him. In an epic rainbow light battle, the two face off while the kids make their getaway. With so much power exuding from themselves, Jonah and Karolina’s fight resulted in the electricity shutting off all around them.

If you recall, Nico and Karolina had a romantic moment in last week’s episode (yes!) and the sparks continued throughout the finale episode. After realizing something may have happened to Karolina, Nico insists on going back to find her.

With nowhere to go, the kids had to find a shelter and a place to hide from their parents. Finding refuge in the mountains of Griffith Observatory, they trekked their way up there while making a game plan, which involved Nico’s persistence in finding out what happened to Karolina.

While the kids struggled to figure out their next step, the parents were left perplexed and confused over the powers and strength their children appeared to have. Much to their utter shock and dismay, they also learn that Tina knew that Leslie was at the lab the night of the Hernandez’ death.

We quickly learn that Karolina is alive and well, sort of, in the private chambers of the Church of Gibborim. Identical to the mask Jonah once wore, Karolina was asleep with the mask on as it helped her heal from the aftermath of Jonah’s attack.

After deciding that they will try and find Karolina, the group divides and conquers by finding a way into the Church of Gibborim with the help of Vaughn, Karolina’s friend. This turns into an epic runaway, pun intended, which results in them breaking Karolina out of the cult-like Church of Gibborim. Unbeknownst to them, Leslie orchestrated this escape when Vaughn came to her with their plans. I guess her motherly instincts finally kicked in, right?

Curious as to what exactly is in the hole at the construction site, the Yorkes’ decide to go investigate. They learn that whatever is down alive!

As the kids worked together to escape from LA, Alex reached out to Darius for some help. Not only was he able to acquire some money from him, but he got a gun! Uh oh.

In this finale episode, Leslie finally realized that Jonah is bad news. About time, right? With the parents pissed at her, she urges them to come together to fight Jonah. Things didn’t work in her favor when she revealed that Jonah was the one to kill Amy–Tina and Robert’s daughter. When she realized Amy may be in danger, she was the one that had sent Amy the warning text to leave (if you recall from a few episodes ago).

While Jonah’s intentions still remain a mystery, things get more convoluted when we see him and Frank together in front of the sacrificial capsule. A glimpse at Jonah’s arm reveals he is reverting back to his flaky state. Could this mean another sacrifice is on the horizon?

Things took a dramatic turn when as the kids arrived at the bus depot to get out of LA, they overhear the news revealing an Amber Alert involving them. It appears someone has framed them for the murder of Destiny Gonazlez and also for kidnapping Molly! In a beautiful homage to the title of this series, the group is seen running away as they try to escape their reality.

This season has been a welcome change in the world of comic book shows and movies. Marvel’s Runaways did an epic job with their first season with the intriguing and captivating storyline surrounding these kids. The story was nothing without its twists and turns, and of course its adorable love stories.

As the kids face a new tomorrow as fugitives, a lot is at stake for them. Will they ever find justice for themselves and for the crimes of their parents? Will LA cease to exist after whatever is in the hole emerges? And did anyone else catch the earthquake headline in the final moments of the finale? There are A LOT of unanswered questions and with the renewal of Runaways, we are sure to find out soon enough. Kudos to the entire creative team behind Runaways for creating an engaging show and making us a part of this world of sacrifices, superhero children, and one hell of a story. See ya next season!

Score: 7.5/10

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