TV ReviewsThe Terror Season 1 Episode 4: Punished, as a Boy Review

Dylan PhillipsApril 10, 2018

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Synopsis: A series of cunning attacks on the ships proves to the men they are not battling an ordinary bear. (IMDB)

“Punished, as a Boy” starts off with Lady Jane Franklin and her niece Sophia Cracroft pleading with the Royal Society to go in search of Terror and Erebus after their lack of messages. The Society believes in Franklin’s abilities and reassures the women of their stance, but Jane and Sophia question their inadequacies and believe something is wrong with the expedition.

Back on the Terror, a drunk Crozier is dealing with his new position of captain of the failed expedition when the Tuunbaq strikes again. The crew is becoming increasingly paranoid, but Crozier tries to reassure them that they will get the beast. Crozier heads off the boat with a few crewmembers in search of one who went missing, but each of them is picked off until Crozier is left alone and afraid in the desolate arctic.

As more and more men are mauled by the Tuunbaq and the bodies resurface, Crozier and Fitzjames decide their only option is to bring Lady Silence back to the ship and interrogate her, but only after they get some sleep. However during the night, Hickey takes it upon himself to try to solve this issue and brings Lady Silence aboard the ship. Crozier interrupts the rowdy gathering, instructs Lady Silence will be brought to Erebus and Hickey will be questioned for his actions. Hickey and his men explain their venture and describe what the Tuunbaq looks like, going as far as calling the animal “not of this earth.”

Crozier agrees, but explains the men acted without orders and therefore are brought up on a number of crimes resulting in lashes for the lot of them. Hickey talks back and in the end is ordered to be punished as a boy. He’s stripped and flogged 30 lashes on his behind in a very graphic scene that ends in the crew questioning Crozier’s punishment. Crozier informs the crew that Terror is sinking and some of the crew needs to relocate to Erebus resulting in the majority of the crew jumping ship leaving Crozier and a few men aboard Terror showing he’s lost the respect of the crew. The episode ends with Dr. Goodsir bringing some food to Lady Silence as he tries to communicate with her and after talking her ear off she decides to eat the mysterious food.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Crozier save the crew?
  • Will there be a mutiny and if so who will lead it?
  • Where will Hickey’s storyline go?
  • Will Dr. Goodsir’s role on the crew change with his newfound interest in Lady Silence?
  • Can Lady Silence control the Tuunbaq?
  • Who is next?

Overall, this was another great episode. The atmosphere and style of this show continues to be its strongest asset as it is one of the most visually stunning shows on TV. The icy blue atmosphere is only accented by the orange light of the sun and the misty green of the Northern Lights creating a real sense of dread, misery and hopelessness. The lead characters get some more development here with the story propelling itself forward as this episode sets up a lot more in terms of a serialized show rather than the first three that act like a somewhat mini story arc. The terror outside the ships may not be the only thing that threatens the safety of this crew as restlessness aboard these vessels may turn these men against each other.


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