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Ariba BhuvadMay 29, 2018

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Synopsis: Clive, Ravi, Peyton, and Major work together to help Liv. (TVGuide)

Writer: Rob Thomas

Director: Dan Etheridge

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 42mins

Airs: Mondays at 9pm on The CW (United States)

And just like that season 4 of iZombie has come to an end. It feels bittersweet considering next season will be its last, and tonight’s finale ended on a wonderful, inspiring note. But before it gets to that point, lots of devastation and unfortunate circumstances rule the episode.

Due to the number of anti-zombie protestors, brains are no longer going to be delivered to Seattle–which of course, means literal hell will break loose. If you recall, Peyton went to D.C. to fight against this very thing, but unfortunately, things did not work out. Although Ravi was hoping she decided to stay back and not return home to Seattle, this was not the case.

Unfortunately, Ravi and Peyton’s reunion is short-lived (not without a quickie though) because news about Liv being executed has taken over. Ravi attempts to call Clive, who is ignoring calls since he is in bed with Dale. Luckily he gets through by calling Dale and quickly goes to meet Ravi and Peyton to figure out how to save Liv.

Things aren’t too great for Liv and Levon who are stuck in prison. Liv even gets punished for not revealing the other members of her group. Looks like execution is in her near future. Chase allows Liv to have one minute to say goodbye to Clive, Ravi, and Peyton and tells Clive to retrieve Levon’s documentary from her apartment. Perhaps, by releasing it, they can get some support.

After tracking down the documentary, the group ends up releasing it to the public. It quickly gains traction and Liv becomes a hero for saving zombie lives. This puts Filmore-Graves in a predicament due to the growing support to stop Liv’s execution.

Chase decides to move the time and location of the execution so as to prevent riots from breaking out. All the while, Jordan is leaking information to Major and tells him of this change so he can gather the troops to stop the executions from happening.

Angus is working on a plan to get his church members away from Seattle in lieu of the shortage of brains that is upon them. He makes a video demanding his followers to leave Seattle but things take a chaotic turn when most of the zombies, including Angus, are shot dead.

In an attempt to stop the execution, Peyton goes on the local news to inform the public of the change in location and time to gather as many people as possible. The protestors start increasing by ten-fold but Chase decides to ignore them as they do their thing.

They finally make it inside after Major goes into zombie mode and pulls open the heavy, metal door. Unfortunately, they don’t make it inside in time to save Levon, who is brutally executed. However, this also results in Chase’s death when his head ends up on the guillotine. R.I.P. Chase, you will not be missed.

After things have settled a bit, Liv is struggling to make sense of what has happened and her loss. But Ravi tells her she has to keep fighting, but she is just not motivated to do so after losing Levon. He also tells her that Isobel’s brain is the cure, and she decides that she would rather be human.

Filmore-Graves undergoes a management change after Chase’s death, which made Major the new Commander. He decides to implement a new policy that will allow Liv to smuggle humans into Seattle–even though the U.S. Army will attempt to stop them.

As Liv is about to eat Isobel’s brain, Ravi stops her because…Clive and Dale are getting married, finally! This sweet moment turns even sweeter when Liv decides to give the brain to Dale, so she and Clive can have kids and have their own family.

And while Blaine may be depressed over the loss of his father, things are looking up for him after Major asks him and Don-E to smuggle brains into Seattle. The zombies will need to eat after all.

And while Liv still is set on stepping down as Renegade, she is treated to a party full of supporters that are thankful for what she did. And in the final moments of the finale–it appears Liv Renegade will live to see another day.

This was a pretty solid finale, and while there were some hiccups and blah moments, it set the stage for the final season. Rose McIver’s performance was so admirable that it will be sad to wait for the next season to see her silly antics. At least she is still going to be a zombie because she is so amazing at playing multiple people.

Until next season, friends!

Score: 7/10

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