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Critics w/o CredentialsSeptember 20, 2018

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Synopsis: Michael Langdon prepares a meeting with the guests of Outpost 3 Meanwhile Ms.Venable and Ms.Meade have a sinister plan in store. (IMDB)

Writer: James Wong

Director: Jennifer Lynch

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 44mins

Airs: Tuesdays at 10pm on FX Canada (Canada)/FX (United States)

Thanks to Michael Langdon, today’s word will be, “Cooperation

Last night’s episode did very little to settle any of the debate of just what the world is like outside of Outpost 3, but what it lacked in vision it made up for with the combustion of the fragile relationships that exist within the bunker coming to a very violent and bloody end. Of course, all gratitude must be given to Michael Langdon who’s machinations for chaos feature heavily in the episode.

The survivor’s tensions are heightened by a report from Langdon stating the degree of loss that all of the other outposts have suffered across the nation and the inevitability of Outpost 3’s fate following the same pattern. Which explains his presence there as he plans on conducting a series of questions with each survivor to determine whether they should be transported to The Sanctuary, a remote location devised as a failsafe in case all other outposts failed. Langdon was candid with the group about their situation while still managing to be coy about the details of just what makes The Sanctuary safer from their current position. His reassurance that there were special measures taken to ensure that it is safe seemed way too suspicious to be ignored.

From there, all that was orderly and calm began to slowly unravel beginning with the questioning of Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters) who through Langdon’s form of questioning pulled out Gallant’s actual hatred for his grandma, Evie (Joan Collins), based on her shaming of his not being the right version of homosexual. Fans are treated to a reprisal of Rubber Man who seems to be able to roam the bunker’s hallways uninvited and is mistaken for Langdon by Mr. Gallant as they become intimate.

While not questioned by Langdon yet, Tim and Emily were still not free from his manipulation as it clearly appeared that he ensured they were able to discover correspondences between The Cooperative and Venable in order to plant the seed of doubt on the rules Wilhemina had set forth for the outpost. This causes them to begin to disregard the rules on affection and relationships to the point where their carelessness gets them caught and punished accordingly.

Prior to this happening, Langdon and Venable have a very awkwardly sensual conversation that looks to serve as her questioning. Langdon is clearly able to pierce through the hard facade she has placed upon herself for fear of her true self being discovered which leads us to see her deformity that seems to be the root of all of her insecurity and possible cause of her strict approach to affection, relationships and coitus within the outpost. Nevertheless, she is swiftly told by Langdon that she is not among those that will be chosen to venture to The Sanctuary.

Lastly, as a result of Tim fighting back against his oppressors, Miriam Mead is injured in the fight and slinks away to reveal that beneath her midnight black attire she seems to be made up of robotic or foreign parts. This completely justifies her behavior and very black and white approach to rules within the bunker but I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that it created some confusion as the credits rolled.

Overall, this episode was a solid progression from the season premiere and it chose wisely to feature heavily the most intriguing character currently in the bunker, Michael Langdon, however, while taking inventory of what the episode actually accomplished from start to finish, it did not really do much to further the narrative with the exception of throwing the outpost into complete chaos. Rubber Man’s unwelcome appearance along with snakes, open emails and boring Golden Age Hollywood stories all seem to have contributed to Outpost 3 becoming a little cozier now that bodies are beginning to stack up which we know will only continue as we progress in the season.


  • The Sanctuary seems too good to be true.
    • THEORY: I believe the “Chosen” by Langdon will serve as a food source of some kind for the other survivors of The Sanctuary……..discuss.
  • I believe the Coven (ssn3) are working in league with Michael Langdon to ensure they live beyond this Apocalypse
  • There is NO WAY Rubber Man wanders those dim hallways without tripping with his limited vision
  • “AHH Rip Taylor!”
  • “AHHH, Larry Kramer!”
  • “OH, Greg Louganis!”
  • Mallory and Coco teaming up against Evie about how this generation has more options was hilarious.
  • R.I.P. Evie. I will miss her Yule Brenner spurns and Natalie Wood gossip

Score: 8/10

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