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Dylan PhillipsNovember 3, 2018

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Synopsis: Capt. Sullivan continues his efforts to bring together the fire and police departments by hosting a training seminar that does not go as planned. Meanwhile, Ben and Miranda have an honest conversation about their marriage, leading Miranda to make a tough decision about their future. (TVGuide)

Writer: Angela L. Harvey

Director: Sylvain White

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

“Do A Little Harm…” starts off with Bailey wanting to talk to Ben about how she’s feeling and now that it’s finally a day off for the both of them she brings it up, but he suggests they have some fun first. Meanwhile, Jack and Dean are getting used to living together as Dean suggests they need to go over some personal boundaries. Dean receives a gift for his birthday and Jack tries to pry information out of him, but he wants nothing to do with it. Travis tries to entice Grant with some morning fun, but he declines and Andy asks Maya for some Ryan advice.

At the station, Travis talks to Victoria about the lack of spice in his that leads to a bit of a heated argument when they are interrupted by Sullivan. Flashback to 15 years ago with Sullivan and Ripley boxing and bonding over their shared experiences. As everyone slowly convenes in the station and discuss Sullivan’s mood, they are interrupted by Jack who proposes they throw a party after work for Dean’s birthday. The team think it’s a terrible decision, and Victoria knows she can’t keep a secret so within seconds of Dean coming in the room he manages to wear her down and learn of the plan. Ripley interrupts them looking for Sullivan and congratulates Maya for her lieutenant application. Andy feels betrayed that Maya wouldn’t bring this up to her, but she plays it off and leaves.

Jack comes after Maya and tells her to prepare for a fight if she plans to try to take his job and she happily obliges. Ripley confronts Sullivan about avoiding any unnecessary interaction with his crew members and asks if he is okay given the day. Sullivan brushes it off, but Ripley states he’ll be sticking around just in case. The team is doing training with the police department to shave off precious seconds to save civilian lives. As he explains, Ripley waves at Victoria which prompts Andy to get curious. Victoria interjects when she sees Ryan and Andy share a glance.

Bailey and Ben sit around reminiscing about his time at Grey Sloan and Bailey misses what he sees with the other couples at the hospital. He says that’s why today is all about reconnecting and offers to make some coffee. Ben asks what they plan to do with their day, but Bailey needs to talk and interrupts him. She tells him to sit and brings up how no matter what she does she can’t decrease her stress level. She says she wants to take a sabbatical and a break from their marriage because the worry of whether he will come home every day or not is slowly killing her.

Sullivan approaches Dean to wish him a happy birthday, but he explains he wants nothing to do with it. Sullivan goes on a rant about not remembering specific days and says screw your birthday which confuses Dean and Travis. Dean pulls Travis aside to ask him about not being able to sleep, which Travis takes as not being able to have sex. He talks about how Jack isn’t sleeping and redecorating which has started to concern him, but the conversation is interrupted by Grant. They run into Sullivan who introduces himself and causes Grant to question why his handsome boss has never come up.

Victoria and Andy discuss Ripley and Ryan, who has been paired with them to train. Ryan comes over to talk, but Andy quickly starts instructing everyone on CPR and criticizes Ryan for his technique. Meanwhile, Jack and Maya start their competition, not over work, but with Officer Kingsley. As Maya and Jack continued their friendly competition, Sullivan confronts them for joking around and not taking this training seriously. Victoria, Andy and Ryan see Maya and Jack’s obvious competition over Officer Kingsley and while Andy wants to avoid the conversation, Victoria and Ryan make bets on who will win. Victoria brings this wager to Dean and Travis, who are talking about his concern with Grant swooning over their boss.

Back to the Warren/Bailey household where Ben talks about neglecting Bailey and building the treehouse she wanted after she had her heart attack. He decides to do that right now, but Bailey says that won’t fix it. She explains this isn’t to see other people or to take him away from his son, it’s just to make her stop worrying about him because it is breaking her heart. He leaves and returns with a suitcase. Ben takes his suitcase and leaves, but quickly returns and passionately kisses Bailey before leaving one last time.

Ryan confronts Andy about needing to talk. She thinks it’s about them, but he needs her friendship to discuss the situation with his father. Maya and Officer Kingsley are joking around and laughing which prompts Sullivan to come over and yell at them for treating this day as some joke. Andy intervenes and talks back to her commanding officer to defend Maya, but when he prepares to tear a strip off of her Ripley shuts it down. Andy catches Sullivan who is leaving work and he suggests she hold onto the friendship she has with Maya because the job can easily break it.

Another flashback occurs to a call where Sullivan and Ripley arrive and Captain Pruitt chastises them for their tardiness. He instructs them to work on civilians and a second burning vehicle while his team deals with the primary one. As they head to the second car, Sullivan notices it’s his wife’s car and he finds her unconscious with no pulse. He wants to break protocol to save her, but Ripley tells him to stand down and Pruitt backs up that decision. En route to the hospital, Ripley makes the call that she’s gone and Sullivan won’t accept that. He’s broken and wants nothing to do with Ripley.

Victoria runs into Ripley who tells her to take it easy on Sullivan given the day and she questions why he was around all day. He talks about liking the people and things get a little too hot for Victoria. On the roof, Dean meets with Jack to take a seat and watch the nightlife of the city. He apologizes for overstepping, but Dean opens up about the gift being from his father and him wanting Dean to quit his current career and follow in his footsteps. He finds it disrespectful that his family won’t accept his job, but it means that he’s cut off. They are interrupted by the crew who enter with a cake and start singing happy birthday.

Victoria makes Ripley cut the cake as they continue their flirty banter. Maya thanks Andy for standing up for her, but she apologizes for not confiding in her because she didn’t want her competitive side to destroy their friendship. Maya proclaims she got Officer Kingsley’s number, but those who bet on her are unable to celebrate long when Jack also reveals her got it. That night Travis enters the bedroom as the sexy firefighter and questions his decision before Grant tells him to shut up and get over there. The episode ends with Victoria laughing in bed before passionately kissing Chief Ripley.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Sullivan open up about his past? Could it come out in an argument with Pruitt?
  • Will The Beast within cause Maya to cause a rift between her and her team?
  • Are Jack and Ryan becoming friends?
  • How long until Station 19 learns of Victoria’s new fling?
  • What will Dean do going forward about his family troubles?
  • How long will Ryan and Jack be able to resist Andy?
  • Who will win the heart of Officer Kingsley?

Overall, this was a great episode. The episode turned away from the calls of the week to focus on the people and that allowed for a lot of character development. Relationships continued to be shaped and molded as we learned more about these characters both as individuals and their dynamics in their professional and personal lives. The flashbacks to Ripley and Sullivan’s fateful call gave huge insight into his backstory and his present day demeanor which will hopefully lead to some future development and change in his character to a less stoic and reserved personality. The story of the week is definitely the one surrounding Bailey and Ben. It was obvious that this was going to happen considering how many times people were calling them the perfect couple, but it was heartbreaking to watch play out. Hopefully these two can work it out and become the power couple everyone deserves.

Score: 8.5/10

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