TV ReviewsStation 19 Season 2 Episode 12: When It Rains, It Pours! Review

Ellen Pressman
Trey Callaway
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44 minutes
Thursdays 9pm
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The firefighters have to deal with family drama, relationships and broken friendships and that’s nothing new. The volume of calls this week is down in comparison to recent weeks, but the focus is on an underused character and her current predicament. Despite having a lot of drama this week, it was difficult to connect and care for some of these characters as the stories and these people just seem to be going through the motions right now.

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Synopsis: While struggling to help victims of a crash on a desolate road, Vic finds the courage to confront a difficult situation; Ben prepares to go out for Medic One; Pruitt spends time with a special someone. (ABC)

“When It Rains, It Pours!” starts off with Dean going on his various blind dates. They all seem oddly familiar giving off the same vibe as his mom. Meanwhile things get a bit awkward at the Herrera household when she stumbles in on Reggie (JoBeth Williams) in her father’s firefighting shirt. And Victoria is dealing with a terrible cold, but she cannot face going home and seeing Ripley’s shirt because that means confronting their situation. Sullivan comes in, sees this, and orders her to go home.

Andy discusses the sanctity of someone’s station or home and relates it back to her father’s new lady friend. She decides to go from crewmember to crewmember to complain about it. While cleaning up the garage, her and Sullivan hit memory lane when they see her height marks on the wall. While she contemplates painting it over, Pruitt goes to Ryan with his Andy and Reggie problem. He meets Ryan’s new girlfriend causes both of them to feel the awkwardness of this conversation.

At the mess hall, Dean brings up his dates when his sister Yemi shows up to take a look around the station. With Dean reconnecting with his family, Jack feels distant from his and that causes him to shut down at the station. Maya tries to get him to open up, but he only lashes out. Maya goes to Travis for some advice on the situation, but he reveals that sometimes you just need to let things happen naturally and to not over care. Travis believes she was talking about Andy and ends up getting the image of Pruitt and Maya in his head. Maya goes to Jack with some solutions to help him with finding his family. He deflects and regrets mentioning it to her causing further tension between them.

On her way out of the station, Victoria runs into Ripley, but neither of them say anything. She viciously calls Travis on her way home to complain about her situation, but she witnesses a nearby car with a pregnant woman flip on the side of the road. She quickly gets off the road and starts to help the couple as the woman is now pinned inside the vehicle. With Victoria tending to the woman, the disoriented man whacks his injured shoulder into a pole and proceeds to pass out. Victoria manages to wake him up and tells him to stay put so she can monitor them both. In order to keep them both awake she asks for the story of how they met. With the woman’s contractions worsening, Victoria notices the baby is crowning.

Ben arrives late at the station after his physical for Medic One when Ryan asks him to help with CPR certification. He advises him to talk with Andy about that, but Ryan knows things are a bit awkward. Ben apologizes to Sullivan for being late and he forgives him when Ripley comes by with some paperwork. He turns it into a quick bite with some planned food because he wants to chat with his old friend. Ripley opens up about how bad he feels about how things happened. Before leaving, Sullivan asks him to open up about the girl and after sneezing he knows who it is. Sullivan says that if he cares about her, show it. They receive the 911 call from Victoria and all hands are on deck.

Victoria knows that they have to deliver this baby now and tells the man to help calm his wife. She brings up their fridge and relates a baby to an egg yolk to calm them down. Suddenly they all start to smell gas and it ignites one of the flares. The man has to deal with it while Victoria continues to help with the birth. As the fire is on the brink of creating a disaster, Station 19 arrives to save the day. Ben tries to tend to the man, but he forces him to re-set his shoulder so he can be with his family. Victoria overhears the wife berating him for risking his life for her as they enjoy their newborn.

Ryan’s coworker Jenna questions if his hesitation is because he is still into Andy. He decides to confront Andy about anything unresolved between them and she wishes him luck with his date. Ripley tends to Victoria in the aid car who voices her frustration with him, but also equally voices her slow descent off her adrenaline rush. Sullivan and Andy talk again about her father’s situation. She feels weird seeing him moving on, but Sullivan opens up about letting go of his past and how difficult it can be.

Back at the station, Dean and his sister discuss his ongoing dating situation and her wanting what is best for him. Jack meets Maya on the roof to apologize about shutting down earlier and she opens up about caring for him as more than a friend. She refuses a kiss at first, but shortly returns to embrace him. Victoria is cooped up at home sick as a dog where Ripley is taking care of her. She decides it’s time to bring up the shirt and finish their fight because she wants to make them work. He agrees and states that he never wants to let her go before climbing in bed to hold her.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Dean give into his mother’s demands?
  • How long with Pruitt and Reggie last?
  • Will anyone have a problem with Ripley and Victoria?
  • How will everyone react to Maya and Jack?
  • Is Ben stretching himself too thin?

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