MoviesFive Films to Watch If You Like ‘Little’

We recommend our top five picks to watch after you’ve seen this body swap comedy.

The body swap sub-genre of comedy films has been around for decades, but not many manage to stay memorable beyond their release year. Little has some great ideas and the occasional laughs, but the story’s feel-good message never quite hits the spot it hopes (review here).

For this week’s list of movie recommendations, I’ve looked at stories that deliver a similar message or feel like influences on this film. These films aren’t all cinematic masterpieces by any means, but they certainly quench the craving that Little might leave you with after two hours of lighthearted, feel-good comedy.

BIG (1988)

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The first film on this list is the most memorable and iconic version of the body swap genre story. Big follows the story of a teenage boy who finds his life turned upside-down when, after making a wish to be big, he awakes to find himself in the body of an adult. It may not be the exchange of two people’s souls, but the age change plot is a nice little niche within this comedic story structure. This film has multiple classic scenes that have been tirelessly recreated in comedies since while having a phenomenal early Tom Hanks performance that accents the feel-good atmosphere of this story. If you enjoyed Little’s story, style, tone, themes, or atmosphere then you might like Big.

17 AGAIN (2009)

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If Little changed its protagonist from a successful, disgruntled woman to a successful, disgruntled man it would look a hell of a lot like this film. 17 Again follows the story of a middle-aged man, ungrateful for how his life turned out, who gets a second chance when he becomes a teenager again. Just like Little, not all age change stories send a child into their adult years. Sometimes these stories force an angry, unhappy character back into their past to relive a difficult time in their life to understand how they got to where they are and to embrace the accomplished life they have made for themselves. This reverse age change offers up a much stronger and relatable message to the older audiences, along with the chance for some slightly racier comedy. If you enjoyed Little’s story, comedy, style, tone, themes, or atmosphere then you might like 17 Again.

13 GOING ON 30 (2004)

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Now if Little were a grow up story of a child exploring the vast adult world, this is the film it would end up becoming. 13 Going on 30 follows the story of a girl who makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday and wakes up the next day as a thirty-year-old woman. While Little’s strong message of embracing who we once were to understand and accept what we have become, this film has a more different approach. Instead the protagonist, portrayed with the perfect child-like innocence by Jennifer Garner, needs to realize that it is best to enjoy your childhood before you have to grow up and deal with responsibilities. This story ends up being more directed towards kids, although the story forces adults to look at the harsh realities of replacing your imagination and wonder with work and bills. If you enjoyed Little’s story, comedy, style, tone, themes, or atmosphere then you might like 13 Going on 30.


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If Little were a traditional body swap story involving its two main protagonists, it would look like this consistently remade film. Freaky Friday follows the story of an overworked mother and her daughter who do not get along who switch bodies and must adapt to the other’s life. Out of all its renditions, this 2003 remake would resonate most with the general audience that Little is directed towards. It has two strong performances by its leads as they both must mimic the other’s behaviours while exploring worlds they aren’t accustomed to. It takes the age swap ideas of both Big and Little and blends them into a story that is less about understanding themselves, but more the difficulties of someone else’s life. If you enjoyed Little’s story, comedy, style, tone, themes, or atmosphere then you might like Freak Friday.

18 AGAIN! (1988)

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The final film is a less conventional choice as it doesn’t follow the same story ideas as others on this list. 18 Again! follows the story of a college student who switches souls with his grandfather after an accident. Rather than be a self-discovery journey through the change of one’s own body, this one is a literal body swap with only one character being able to use this as a learning experience. It certainly won’t have the same comedy as the modern Little given the decades between them, but the stories are similar enough to give that similar feel to this film. If you enjoyed Little’s story, style, tone, themes, or atmosphere then you might like 18 Again!

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