TV ReviewsWhat We Do In the Shadows (1×08) Citizenship Review

Critics w/o CredentialsMay 16, 201970/100
Jason Woliner
Stefani Robinson
Running Time
25 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
FX Canada, FX
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Citizenship was nowhere near What We Do In The Shadows' strongest episode and as it stands would be categorized as possibly its weakest, but that doesn't mean it was entirely without solid jokes.

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Synopsis: Nadja trains Jenna on how to take her first victim, and Nandor applies for American citizenship. (IMDB)

Citizenship explored two major storylines – Nandor’s quest to become a nationalized US citizen after discovering that his home nation was dissolved in 1401 A.D., and Nadja’s small step towards motherhood as she attempts to help Jenna (remember her from earlier in the season?) to navigate her new life as a vampire.

As Guillermo digs deeper into Nandor’s motivation to become a citizen, he discovers that at one point in time he had made the first steps to becoming a citizen due to his unwavering devotion to the 1992 NBA Dream Team but never followed through completely with the process. As the story progressed, we were shown just how poor a citizen Nandor would make as he failed the citizenship test in spectacular fashion. Juas as a fun note, government workers are immune to vampire hypnosis due to their lack of having a soul.

Eventually, after much unnecessary whining, Guillermo frustratingly snaps on Nandor explaining in painful detail just how powerful he actually was and that his venture to receive validation from the U.S. is irrelevant because he his immortal. This frustration is brought about from the revelation that Jenna, a former welcome present for the Baron, has now achieved the one thing Nandor hasn’t given Guillermo which has slowly pushed him closer to the edge. His rant had the beginnings of something epic that that we’ve all been patiently waiting all season to occur, but never rose to anything threatening.

Meanwhile, Jenna’s first hunt leads her to a college party that is teeming with humans begging to be eliminated. Nadja slowly helps her realize their lack of importance by demonstrating just how easy it is to hold dominion over them resulting in a guy conducting a self-swirley seven times and eating actual bricks. It’s also revealed that each vampire has their own special ability and it’s only through becoming stronger that it is revealed. Nadja’s ability is climbing – a gift Jenna doesn’t even remotely share. As the night culminates into frustration for Jenna she is finally driven to taste human blood, which manifests her new power of invincibility to which Nadjia, being the proud mother-figure, immediately realizes the vast potential for large-scale murder while using.

If this episode did anything, it allowed us to learn that Colin Robinson’s new cologne/aftershave is called “Mr. Giggles” and is worn for the sole purpose of annoying Nandor. Colin Robinson doing Colin Robinson things. Upon the news of the series’ renewal, it will be exciting to figure out what’s in store but the hope is that with these last remaining episodes that it is able to stick a solid landing after what has otherwise been a strong first season.

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