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Critics w/o CredentialsMay 9, 201995/100
Taika Waititi
Jemaine Clement
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30 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
FX Canada, FX
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On the heels of a hilarious episode last week, The Trial manages to build off of that humor and push it further into madness as more and more of the vampire world is revealed.

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Synopsis: The vampires must defend themselves as an international vampire tribunal gathers to judge them for their transgressions. (IMDB)

As the group begins to come to terms with the aftermath of their incredibly wild evening with the Baron, they are summoned to appear before the Vampiric Council to account for the Baron’s untimely death.

The Trial was divided into two major segments – the buildup to appearing before the Vampire Council and the trial and sentencing. Before the trial, the Lazlo, Nadja and Nandor begin to sober up after being under the influence of drug blood after devouring several humans at a rave the previous evening. When they come to, they realize the Baron is gone after having been burned to death. In honor of his legacy, they hold a (second) funeral service for him choosing to bury his remains in Lazlo’s vulva garden in between his two most prized shrubberies – his wife and mother. Afterwards, they are asked to be present at a trial from the Vampiric Council, the governing body of vampire law, to explain the death/murder of the Baron.

The reveal of the Vampire Council was expertly handled in the episode because Nandor, Nadja and Lazlo are experiencing it for the first time like the audience which provides the perfect opportunity to hear their unfiltered reactions to the oddities that ensue. The perfect example of this is during the Council’s welcome of the vampires which is represented through a mysterious dance number that is eerily reminiscent of the final scene from Suspiria (2018), only more tame, to which you can easily hear Lazlo’s distaste and confusion over what is occurring. This was one of the funniest moments of the episode for me because of the organic nature of Matthew Berry’s character’s response which was how the viewer felt also.

Among the Council, was a cavalcade of actors that kept getting funnier and funnier as they were revealed all of whom gave way to my favorite vampire of the night – Garrett (Dave Bautista), a prisoner of the Council as a result of him defiling too much by turning a baby into a vampire 90 years ago, a crime we find out early on was committed by Lazlo out of boredom. Nevertheless, the Council, led by Tilda Swinton, was comprised of Paul Reubens, Evan Rachel Wood, Danny Trejo (shirtless as always), Colin Robinson and Wesley Snipes via Skype. Jermaine Clement, Taika Watiti and Jonny Brugh all reprised their roles from the original film, Vladimir, Viago and Deacon as members of the Council as well.

After calling forth the Baron’s familiar and Guillermo, who admitted to the Baron’s murder amidst scoffs and disbelief from the vampires, Nandor chose to admit guilt thus sentencing the vampires to die in the same way the Baron did – sunlight. Before giving his testimony and during the rest of the proceeding, Guillermo is once again forced to be in the Familiars waiting room and is shown what life in the future could look like given his current path as a familiar that will most likely never be turned into a vampire. The show is allowing this realization to slowly come to fruition that will most likely result in Guillermo leaving the group entirely or seeking another way of turning into a vampire by season’s end.

Despite this, he alongside Colin Robinson, help the vampires escape their situation with the help of an over-sized lawn umbrella purchased from a hardware store which Colin fully intends on returning. Even luckier, the vampires are in no risk of being caught escaping because previously burnt bodies were left in the well prior to them which provides the perfect cover to live out their remaining days in Staten Island undisturbed by Tilda Swinton and her thespian minions.

One of the most enjoyable and quiet aspects from this show so far is its continual use of substantial acting talent peppered throughout the series that are able to participate in several short scenes and proceed to expertly deliver hilarious moments. While Doug Jones had a wonderful part last episode, Dave Bautista as Garrett the falsely accused prisoner and Wesley Snipes via Skype delivered some of the best lines of the episode and arguably the series.

Even more to the point, being won over with this show week to week and watching it be able to freely create new moments of solid comedy within an already familiar and established world is something that has been enjoyable to be a part of. This is one of those shows that has pleasantly surprised this review and is definitely worth looking forward to each week.

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