TV ReviewsiZombie (5×05) Death Moves Pretty Fast Review

Ariba BhuvadMay 31, 201980/100
Linda-Lisa Hayter
Bob Dearden
Running Time
42 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
The CW
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The world of iZombie is getting just a tad bit complicated in "Death Moves Pretty Fast" as the series begins to wrap up.

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Synopsis: An independently wealthy 19-year-old dies; Liv attempts to cheer up Ravi after he learns some unfortunate news; Clive has a nasty fall at the crime scene; things suddenly go from bad to worse for Blaine. (TVGuide)

iZombie is clearly getting ready to wrap things up, but are doing so in their own way. It’s not very obvious that this is the case, but if you’ve been following the show for some time, you can tell that certain arcs are coming to an end–and this reviewer is not ready for it!

Death Moves Pretty Fast focuses on Blaine, which is a nice change from the usual. Unfortunately, Blaine loses his cool when his wealthy young neighbor, Harris (Philip Bolden), parties a bit too hard and becomes an inconvenience to Blaine. Let’s just say Blaine “takes care” of the problem and by the next day, Liv and Ravi are on the scene to solve the murder. Clive takes a fall and the entire investigation sort of falls into Liv’s lap, which she has absolutely no complaints about.

When Liv and Ravi head over to Blaine’s to confront him, he essentially laughs in their face because he’s the only brain supplier in the area. If he goes out of commission in any way, zombies will be left hungry, and no one wants that. Knowing he has the upper hand, he pays no mind to Liv and Ravi’s “threats”.

Plus, he claims to have an alibi named Al Bronson (Gage Golightly), a reporter writing a story on Blaine, who claims he was with her all night so he couldn’t have murdered his neighbor. Later in the day, Al shows up at the morgue to tell them she’s not actually an alibi because she only stayed the night since her car was blocked. She wasn’t even sleeping in the same room as Blaine so she has no idea what he might have done during the night.

As Liv and Ravi continued to investigate, their path eventually led them to Harris’ girlfriend’s ex who was quite bitter that he was dumped because of Harris. When that lead didn’t exactly plan out, they went to Harris’ memorial where they met his econ teacher who had a weird friendship with Harris. You see Harris became rich fast because he invested in Bitcoin, something the teacher thought of as a scam. So when Harris made it big because of his investment, it would make sense that the teacher may feel a tiny bit bitter over the whole ordeal.

Liv and Ravi’s suspicions shifted to the teacher over the ex-boyfriend, who seemed to be acting strange. It turns out that he was a zombie and the brains he had been eating had been laced with Alzheimer’s brains. The effects of this were seen in Major too who had started losing his memory and cognitive abilities.

In an attempt to lure Harris’ killer, Liv and Ravi make the world believe Harris is actually alive which brings out his best friend, Ham, from the darkness. He was angry that because he helped Harris with a prank, his parents cut him off. But when it came time for Harris to help Ham, he didn’t do anything so Ham took it upon himself to end Harris’ life.

In other parts of iZombie, the secret about Freylich brains possessing the zombie cure gets out which devastates Ravi. He didn’t want these children to be targets, and now they are, and he only blames himself. To make matters worse, well at least for Blaine, Al wrote a scathing article about all the things Blaine has done. This doesn’t bode well for him as the people of Seattle begin attacking his house. Sorry, Blaine, you were going to have to pay for your crimes one day.

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