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Ariba BhuvadMay 24, 201970/100
Michael Wale
John Enbom
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42 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
The CW
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Dot Zom was a bit on the slow side but nonetheless still entertaining, iZombie deals with Blaine's return and more on this week's episode.

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Synopsis: The head of a successful traffic app company suspiciously dies; Cornell’s ex-girlfriend takes over the company and makes an interesting reveal to Liv and Clive; Peyton focuses on maintaining positive zombie relations in the city. (TVGuide)

Compared to other weeks, this episode of iZombie was a bit slower and boring. However, it was still an enjoyable episode because the cast is fun to watch and their chemistry makes even the worst of situations entertaining to watch.

This week, Liv must eat the brains of a tech guy, Cornell, who winds up dead whilst working on “Project Z”. Basically, this project would be aimed at protecting Cornell and a few others (who he decided on) in a doomsday bunker. During the investigation, Clive, Liv, and Ravi find out that Cornell had a list of people he had decided on that could join him in the bunker. Amongst the people he had written down, everyone was surprised to see Peyton’s name. You can only imagine Ravi’s reaction to that.

As always, Liv chows down on the victim’s brain and immediately transforms into an intellectual, inquisitive genius. During one of the visions, Liv sees that Nora’s (Cornell’s assistant) name was taken off the list of people that would join him in the bunker. Motive? We would say, yes indeed! But when Liv and Clive go to confront Nora, she doesn’t seem at all annoyed or mad. She believed in Cornell and his decision-making skills, so she trusted him to make the right decision.

As the investigation continued, Liv soon came to learn that Cornell was involved some other shady business with a man famously known as the Fixture Man, who was known for his hatred of zombies. During another vision, she sees this man yelling at Cornell, and it certainly didn’t look pleasant.

What was this mystery program? Basically a tracking device for zombies all around the city. To make matters worse, anti-zombie supporters have a website they are using to figure out who is a zombie or not. Basically, Seattle is a hot mess and certainly not the best place to be.

The mystery of who killed Cornell comes together after everything surfaces–it was Nora. Since she too is zombie, she wanted to prevent Cornell from doing anything that would hurt or others like her.

Meanwhile, Ravi and Peyton are busy trying to put together a series that will help humans understand zombies and shed a positive light on them. Unfortunately, the comedy group Ravi has brought on is making matters worse, and not exactly helping zombies look good at all. Because of this, Peyton decides to step in and gives another member of the group the responsibility to come up with a new story, and eventually, the group agrees to go along with it. Oh, and what will the name of this series be? Hi, Zombie.

Anti-zombie sentiments and discrimination against them continues to be a problem in this episode when a teacher is fired because he is a zombie. Major and Liv bring him in and ask him to serve as a tutor to the kids that Liv is taking care of. Unfortunately, Major has a major (ha!) problem brewing due to the fact that someone “defrosted” two of the soldiers he had frozen in order to create an anti-human group.

The teacher is kidnapped by the anti-human group and is threatened until he agrees to go undercover for them. Poor Liv and Major, they have no idea!

Last but not least, Blaine is back in business, so to speak, in this week’s episode as he deals with a reporter interested in interviewing him. Of course, the interviewer is extremely shady and clearly involved in something anti-zombie. Ugh, do we need more anti-zombie groups?! Can’t everyone just get along?

Not much happened in the way of plot progression this week, hence why it was a bit slow and uneventful. Given that we’re in the final season, hopefully this was just a slight hiccup and that next week, we’ll get back on track!

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