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Keith NoakesJune 15, 201985/100
Lou Diamond Phillips
George Kitson
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm
Overall Score
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In The Other Thing, the direction of the season finally becomes clear as a new potential big bad is revealed while we get a glimpse of Coulson's final days and get a great performance from Ming-Na Wen.

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Synopsis: Sarge has May; Altarah has Daisy, Enoch and Simmons; and now, there are two planets that need saving. (IMDB)

The Other Thing started with an ailing Coulson and May on the beach in Tahiti but this would just be May dreaming while she was still in Sarge’s truck. She was still being held captive for reasons that were still unclear. Sarge tasked Snowflake to fetch something (the others were captured by SHIELD in the previous episode) while he and May had some private time. He wanted to turn May. Meanwhile at SHIELD headquarters, Mack was concerned about Yo-Yo who was fine and himself as he didn’t feel like he was living up to Coulson. Benson’s past was also put into question but he certainly wasn’t the man he used to be.

Sarge was a little confused about the fact that he was on a planet where others recognized his face. He wondered why May hated him and pried about her relationship with Coulson. She defended him. The episode then cut back to May and Coulson who was getting worse. Later, Sarge wanted her to kill a man which she refused to do but that man turned out to be another host for one of those alien bird creatures. Sarge revealed that they were an alien race known as the Shrike. He and his group were following them across universes to kill them for the last hundred years.

The Shrike after death transformed into a crystal-like substance similar to the spikes that grew out of their hosts and also the monoliths that we are very familiar with. Meanwhile, Benson wanted to study where the monoliths were found. They worked for their creator and Sarge claimed that this was the closest he’s ever been and when they arrived, he would end them for good. Back to Coulson and May, Coulson was worried about May’s future after him. In the present, May took over Sarge’s truck (her fight with him wasn’t easy as it would cut between him and Coulson as she was punching him in the face). We would also see the moment where Coulson appears to have finally passed away peacefully.

In space, Enoch was still depressed. The others tried to cheer him up in order to get his help. However, the gang got a visit from a fleet of ships with one about to board theirs. Enoch recognized one of the ships as the one who attacked he and Fitz earlier. He wasn’t worried and he would be right, at least at first. The ships outside were former confederacy ships taken over by chronicoms, including his superior Altarah (Sherri Saum).

The chronicom home world was destroyed (presumably by the Shrike) so they captured the gang because they believed they knew how to time travel (which they didn’t). Enoch tried to convince Altarah that Fitz was their only hope (he did build something in the future) and he could be motivated if Simmons was put in danger. The gang got away but it didn’t last long as the chronicoms caught up to them. To try and save the others, Simmons offered to stay behind to help Fitz so they could get away.

Finally, SHIELD headquarters got some good news when the space gang (minus Simmons) returned and May was on her way back with Sarge.

The last scene was of Enoch explaining to Fitz what had happened and what the chronicoms needed him to do. He also told him of his idea to use Simmons as motivation which made Fitz understandably angry. Enoch then activated some sort of gas that knocked him out as they were approaching their supposed destination.

With The Other Thing we now kind of know what’s going on now as the creator of the Shrike, whoever they are, appears to be the big bad of the season so far and not Sarge while we are still in space with Fitz and Simmons. The pieces are finally coming together so let’s hope that things start to pick up.

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