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Keith NoakesJuly 5, 201984/100
Kristin Windell
Jeffrey Bell, Craig Titley
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm
Overall Score
Rating Summary
In Collision Course (Part I), the season's big bad is revealed but there is still much more to the story. A confrontation is incoming but not before some more set up. Mack has to make an important decision.

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Synopsis: To face The Galaxy-Hopping Hate-Beast That Eats Planets, the team on Earth asks for help in all the wrong places; while back on the Lazy Comet, something weird goes on with Izel’s crew. (IMDb)

We’ve now reached the final stretch of this abbreviated summer season of Agents of SHIELD and now we know who the real big bad is (or do we?) but there is still some story left to be told. This season has been leading to a confrontation with the maker of the shrike and with this episode being the first part of what looks to be a 2-episode arc, something is definitely going to happen one way or another. If the end of Collision Course (Part I) is of any indication, watch out!

The episode started with Fitz and Simmons in space gearing to head back to Earth. Travelling in the ship’s current condition was going to be risky but it was worth the risk as they were tired of being in space. Meanwhile back on Earth, Sarge wanted his truck and crew back but Mack wanted answers. The shrike were all heading to one location to prepare for their maker’s arrival and Sarge wanted to be there so he can kill them. However, Mack wanted it to go his way so he tasked May and Daisy to tag along with Snowflake. Deke would also find himself reluctantly tagging along as Mack blackmailed him into doing so (he knew things). Though Mack let Sarge take point, he was going to let them out of his sight as they would follow them in the air. Meanwhile, it was revealed (to no surprise) that Izel was the shrike’s creator.

On the ship, Izel shared a little of her story. She no longer had a home to go to. Izel was looking for the monoliths and was worried that the Earth would be destroyed if she didn’t find them. She also mentioned Sarge and how he wanted to destroy her since she knew the truth about him. Izel also seemed to have lied about her crew being killed as the ship was carrying more people (presumably hosts for her shrike for which she needed more of). Meanwhile on the truck, Daisy asked Sarge a series of questions to try and understand why he and Coulson were so alike until Sarge got annoyed. However, part of May trusted Sarge. Daisy was worried that there was still more to the story. Snowflake also showed feelings for Deke.

On the zephyr. there was evidence that Izel may date back to Incan mythology where she appeared to be a god or a demon who was searching for relics, destroying worlds in the process. Pax was getting restless about where they were heading. On the truck, Sarge shared how they tracked Izel and her crew to the chronicom planet as it was being destroyed but he lost her again after killing her crew. Izel hated all living things while he wanted revenge for killing his family. Sarge wanted to kill her with a sword, however, Daisy was skeptical. Meanwhile back on the ship, Fitz was feeling inadequate compared to his future self who married Simmons.

The shrike who had been getting ready for Izel finally got together and began to form some sort of tower that drew power from the Earth before exploding and releasing countless more shrike into the world. The ship was on its way (with the others not knowing where they were landing), however, there was no communication system. While Pax and Jaco’s escape plan got thwarted, Sarge revealed his insurance policy which was a bomb planted in the truck that was set to explode once it made impact with the tower. The bad news about that was that the collateral damage would affect hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Sarge obviously didn’t care and left the truck for the zephyr (using their portal technology) while the others frantically tried to find and disarm the bomb.

The episode ended with Mack having to make an important decision about whether to take out the truck or the incoming ship (each had valuable SHIELD agents on board).

The last scene was of Enoch contacting an old friend to organize the remaining chronicoms to repair what was left of their people. Meanwhile the other chronicoms were planning something with Fitz and Simmons’ brains for which Malachi was going to enter the earlier simulator to use.

It will definitely exciting to see what happens next and where the season presumably goes from here but it is unlikely that whatever the season’s arc is will end in the next episode.

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