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Ariba BhuvadJuly 12, 201975/100
Tuan Quoc Le
Bob Dearden
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42 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
The CW
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Hope for relations between humans and zombies isn't looking so hot in this noir-themed (and fun!) episode of iZombie.

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Synopsis: Liv consumes private eye Mick Chisel’s brain in hopes of breaking down how his gruesome murder took place. (TVGuide)

The end of iZombie is upon us but the relations between humans and zombies don’t seem to be improving. We are almost done here, it has to be better by the time all is said and done, right? This week’s episode may not have been action-filled but its noir theme was a nice touch. Something about Liv eating a noir brain and the episode going back and forth between black and white was extremely fun!

With Seattle a hot zombie mess, officials have to figure out what they can do. There’s a vote that has to take place, but it doesn’t seem very promising. With two days to think about it, there’s a lot riding on which direction their vote goes.

The previous episode revealed to Peyton and Ravi that Beanpole Bob is actually Liv’s dad, and when she finds out the truth, Liv goes to confront him. He is after all the reason for zombies being in existence, and for the world falling apart–at least in Seattle. After talking to Liv, her father goes to speak to Ravi to help him figure out the cure, but it’s clear he has other motives.

This week’s murder case involves the death of a private investigator, whose prime suspect is a woman named Jane (Hanneke Talbot). After eating the P.I.’s brain, Liv goes into a full-on noir persona being mysterious and cryptic with everything she says and does. I have to say, this look is good on her.

Meanwhile, Jane shows up at Blaine’s club looking for something but won’t share anything with Blaine. So, naturally, he kills her and eats her brains to find out what she was up to. Oh, Blaine.

Instead of waiting for a warrant like Clive asks her to, Liv heads to the P.I’s office to see what she can find out, and moments after she arrives, Blaine breaks in as well. He isn’t very successful because not long after the cops show up, and Liv sends him home empty-handed.

Brains are a normal part of iZombie, but you’ll be surprised to learn there is something far worst that we see happen in this week’s episode. While at work, Major comes across a shady janitor with two key cards. But when he tries to question him, the janitor opts to kill himself by running into a shower hook. SO GROSS!

After being fired from her job, Peyton is a bit of a hot mess this week, trying to get Liv or Ravi to drink and party with her. She’s not very successful in getting them to join, but it doesn’t stop her from having a good time herself.

Liv, Ravi, and Clive soon figure out that Jane’s involvement in all of this is because she found one of the zombie cures and was hiding it. Having the same idea, Blaine shows up at the club looking for the cure and he and Liv end up fighting–zombie rage style.

In the end, Blaine blames Jane’s murder on Crybaby. Of course, he would, that jerk.

On a mission to find the cure, Liv, Ravi, and Clive realize that the cure is inside of a jacket pocket at the dry cleaners. Unfortunately for them, someone else has gotten their hands on it already, one of Don-E’s employees who races off into the sunset on a motorcycle, with Seattle in the rearview mirror.

And as the episode comes to an end, Liv and Ravi break into her father’s home and find stashed Utopium…and a cell full of zombies. SAY WHAT!?

While this episode isn’t the craziest, the ending was pretty darn nuts. It will be exciting to see what comes next, and what the heck will happen with Liv’s dad.

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