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Keith NoakesJuly 19, 201986/100
Gary A. Brown
Drew Z, Greenberg
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm (ABC), 9pm (CTV)
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Leap was an exciting episode that finally gave us the answers we've been waiting for all season (including a link to last season) as the endgame is finally clear.

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Synopsis: The team must trust each other in order to face impending doom and an enemy that’s closer than they think. (IMDb)

Despite what happened at the end of the last episode, don’t fret because it was always unlikely that Sarge was going to die there. Indeed in this episode, entitled Leap, he survives and we learned that there was definitely more going on in the final scene of the last episode. Meanwhile, we finally learn the truth about him and even more about how this season connects to the previous one as well as what the potential endgame could be. Of course it’s not good.

Leap started where the last episode left off with everybody in shock about what happened. May was forthcoming about what she did but something still didn’t seem right as her actions were very out of character for her. Eventually, May claimed to not remember what had happened between their party and her time in the interrogation room. May’s claim became more plausible after Piper encountered something in the hallway. Meanwhile, something wasn’t quite right with Sarge. Despite being shot multiple times and losing quite a lot of blood, he still had a pulse (while he was unconscious on the table, Sarge appeared to be reliving memories of his family). As a result, his body was moved to the morgue (to hide it).

Fitz had a theory that connected Coulson, Sarge, Izel, and the monoliths (but still nothing to connect Coulson and Sarge). Retracing May’s steps made it clear that something happened to her (encountering Davis who was admittedly off near the end of the last episode). All of Sarge’s wounds have since healed.  Meanwhile, Piper sneakily stole a shrike shard from the lab. An awkward encounter between her and Deke led to Izel, who was possessing her body, jumping from her to Deke. Izel/Deke was looking for something behind a locked room that Deke clearly did not have access to so Izel would need to find another way in. At this point, everyone had pretty much figure out what was going on (which was a little bit of a surprise) so now they just had to figure out who Izel was.

Things got tense but it was clear that Izel couldn’t tap into her host’s memories. Their plan to determine who was who eventually broke down once Fitz was unable to answer a deeply personal question (it was unclear when Izel jumped from Deke to Fitz). Izel clearly established that she was in control by jumping from person to person before anyone could harm her before making Davis commit suicide and finally taking Mack’s body. Meanwhile, Sarge finally woke up and wanted to help but they weren’t going to let him go anywhere. That didn’t last long nor did Daisy and Yo-Yo’s temporary captivity (Mack locked them up so Izel couldn’t possess them and their powers).

They figured out that Izel was looking for the monoliths and Fitz thought that when Coulson attempted to close off the fear dimension, a different version of Coulson may have been sent through space and time which led to Sarge. Mack/Izel got to floor where the gravitonium device that sealed the fear dimension and now carried the power of three monoliths. Sarge arrived soon after and immediately opened fire on her (which didn’t work). Izel wanted Sarge to join her, however, he wanted none of it. She claimed that his memories weren’t his (they were Coulson’s). He and Izel were part of a form-less alien race (Izel took her own form and left their planet). Izel want to give forms to the rest of their race. Apparently, the only thing that could stop her was inside of Sarge.

Once Izel left with the device, she was confronted by Daisy and Yo-Yo and she would take Yo-Yo’s body. She wanted a ship to leave and Mack gave it to her and would tag along. Daisy was worried but May thought he was doing the right thing, trusting his team. The last scene saw Fitz and Deke listening to Izel and Sarge’s conversation while Sarge appeared to manifest powers.

Maybe they can get some sort of Coulson back after all especially before the upcoming final season.

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