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Keith NoakesOctober 7, 201994/100
Allison Liddi-Brown
Liz Friedman, Tracy Taylor
Running Time
41 minutes
Mondays 10pm
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Claire was an excellent episode that rightfully put Antonia Thomas' Dr. Claire Browne on display and she definitely delivered.

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Synopsis: Dr. Claire Brown faces complications at home and work as she prepares to lead her first surgery; the staff must treat a fisherman’s injuries without damaging his prize catch. (IMDb)

After being a core character for 3+ seasons, it’s about time that Dr. Claire Browne got her own episode and now she does with the aptly named episode Claire. Suffice it to say that Antonia Thomas delivers here as Browne she was more than up to the task with an episode that would test her like none other. Meanwhile, there was still some fun to be had as a former David Shore alum returned for a wacky side case to help break up the main storyline.

The episode started with Browne going through her usual morning routine in anticipation of getting to perform her first surgery. Her patient would be a young girl named Michelle (Kyla-Drew) who would need her gallbladder removed (it didn’t exactly help her cause when Murphy expressed his excitement for Browne in front of their patient). From there, Browne would be faced by a series of distractions that she handled with a surprising amount of patience. Murphy wanted help with his relationship after he was worried about the myriad of questions he asked Carly on their last date (he wanted her to talk to Carly for him but Carly didn’t appreciate it and wanted Browne to butt out of their relationship). Also, Park and Reznick were forced to deal with a man named Shamus (Robert Sean Leonard) with a marlin bill through his leg. What may have seemed like a straightforward case was nothing but as Shamus was extremely attached to the fish (who he named Franklin) and wanted to mount it on his wall.

The big hurdle in Browne’s case was Michelle’s distant mother who wanted nothing to do with being in a hospital and didn’t quite grasp the gravity of the situation. Browne would get to lead the gallbladder removal surgery but it would have to wait as clots caused by birth control pills Michelle was taken would delay things. Now it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise that Browne became attached to her patient. She noticed evidence that Michelle was cutting herself and tried to help. Browne believed she was unhappy as she had to deal with the pressure of pretty much raising her mother’s foster children. (her mother denied that she was unhappy). Meanwhile, she was clearly nervous, however, Lim didn’t want to hear it. They were both female minority surgeons and they had to keep up appearances and not show weakness.

Browne’s relationship with her mother was another big part of the episode because of the obvious parallels with her case. This would feature some nice moments between Thomas and Sharon Leal. Her interference in Michelle’s life continued when she suggested she talk to a therapist, against her mother’s wishes. This got Michelle’s mother upset which in turn got Browne kicked off the case. A later joint therapy session with her mother got Browne to open up about how she felt after being kicked off the case. However, this clearly didn’t last long as Michelle had an outburst and wanted Browne back on the case (Melendez convinced the mother to allow Browne back on as long as he was watching).

Browne’s first surgery did encounter some complications (thanks to a rookie mistake) but was ultimately successful (her jumping for joy in a hallway was a nice touch). Michelle’s mother changed her mind about Browne as her experience made her want to be a doctor when she grew up while the mother wanted to remain in contact with the therapist. Meanwhile, the doctors discovered (with an assist from Browne) that Shamus had cancer in the fish leg and would require an amputation (but at least he got the fish).

Browne’s seemingly perfect day would end on a very sad note when she got a call informing her that her mother died in a car accident (she was drinking the same champagne bottle that Browne had set aside to celebrate her first surgery).

The writers didn’t need to do THAT.

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