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Keith NoakesNovember 5, 201985/100
Steve Robin
Sal Calleros
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41 minutes
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45-Degree Angle was another good episode that saw Murphy be faced once again with his communication problems while Melendez would get an arc of his own.

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Synopsis: While performing his first solo surgery, Dr. Shaun Murphy alienates a nurse, which puts his residency in jeopardy; Dr. Neil Melendez disagrees with Dr. Audrey Lim on a risky surgery; Dr. Claire Brown spirals into self-destructive behaviors. (TV Guide)

Who would have guessed that communication would still be an issue with Murphy? Despite him climbing the ladder, his condition would still get in the way of both his professional and personal lives (how much longer can they do this?).

45-Degree Angle started with Andrews wondering where all the nurses were. In fact, a whole group of them were rehearsing Murphy’s second attempt at a first lead surgery with him unbeknownst to Andrews (Lim allowed it as each resident had to be handled differently. The episode also saw the two test their theories on how to deal with Murphy). Meanwhile, Browne, who was supposed to be assisting Murphy, was absent for what she claimed to be a dentist appointment (which was obviously a lie to cover up her self-destructive behavior as of late). Reznick was filling in and it was kind of funny to see her try and act like Browne. While inquiring about his personal life, as Browne often did, we learned that Murphy was worried when Carly had a get together with some of her friends without him.

Reznick had no interest in dealing with Murphy’s personal problems so she put Browne on it and anything else she wanted in exchange for covering for her earlier. Talking with Carly was not a good idea. Scared to talk to her, Glassman gave him some compartmentalizing advice (Browne lied to him to calm him down which wasn’t the right thing to do, burying another problem). Meanwhile, Murphy’s second first lead surgery was an appendectomy which was going well until near the end when a nurse was mistakenly handing him a clamp the wrong way (without explaining what the right way was which would be at a 45 degree angle) and telling her to leave.

According to Murphy, he didn’t do anything wrong since his surgery was a success but Lim wanted him to apologize to the nurse. His first attempt at an apology, if it could even be considered one, failed (trying to prove he was right by justifying the 45 degree angle with historical context). Lim was understandably not thrilled and would set her foot down in that one more of these incidents would lead to Murphy losing his residency.

The others dealt with a young married couple where a pregnant wife was also dealing with cancer. Removing her tumor while protecting her baby would clearly be a challenge. During the surgery, Melendez decided against getting Lim’s approval on a direction. They would essentially need to chose between the mother and the baby but Melendez still believed that he could save both but it would be risky. The mother was adamant about protecting the baby. The surgery went well until there were complications resulting in the surgeons losing their patient. Melendez took this particularly hard.

The other subplot involved Glassman and Debbie and their relationship. Debbie got fired from the hospital (for giving away too much free coffee). She was a nurse so she suggested they work together in the clinic. This would mean that they would need to consider if they would be comfortable working together.

Carly was mad at Murphy because of his lack of communication with her (i.e. the others would talk to her about Murphy’s problems instead of him). She did not invite him to her get together because she was afraid that her friends would make fun of him and make him uncomfortable (he didn’t want to meet them either). All was resolved once Carly confirmed that they were indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

The episode ended with Lim comforting Melendez.

It’s nice to see the other characters getting their own arcs so it will be interesting to see where Melendez goes from here.

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