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Dylan PhillipsNovember 5, 201975/100
Bill Johnson
Robert Bella
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44 minutes
Sundays 10pm
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Fallout was a decent episode. The tension-filled hour saw the team face off against a ballistic missile alert that put their morality to the test. While the drama was high, the realism left a lot to be desired.

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“Fallout ” starts off with Nolan doing a metal detection of a felon that requires him to remove all jewelry from the suspect ending with the last piece being in a bit of an awkward spot. For their sixth month anniversary, Wes has set up a special dinner for him and Lopez. Problem is that she does the math and realizes he made the reservation before they met. At work, Rachel convinces Bradford to take it easier on Chen because she is dealing with a dramatic social life. While everyone is dealing with a heat wave, Nolan is sent to his first court hearing which he thought he was prepared for. 

At the courts, Nolan arrives to find Russo waiting to watch his first hearing. They are approached by Wes who ends up being the defense’s attorney and tells him no hard feelings. Beside Nolan’s felon sits Oscar Hutchinson (Matthew Glave), the man who Russo and Nolan earlier caught together. As the first case is presented, a couple beside Nolan gets distraught as they learn that the man killed the couple’s son. Wes manages to bamboozle Nolan into making the situation seem all about heresay.  Meanwhile, Harper on her own goes to a warehouse with an odd odour. She follows the scent to find a feral dog chomping on a body. Rather than shoot the dog, she evades it and manages to call animal control and forensics to the scene.

As they head out, Bradford tells Chen that she is driving today and she instantly feels that something is up. They arrive at a convenience store where a counterfeit bill was used. Bradford chats with the store owner Amari (Rico E. Anderson) before they leave. He pulls Chen aside outside to discuss her lack of protocol and she realizes that he is acting nice because of Rachel. West and Lopez find a driver who has mounted an AC unit to their car-side window. Lopez tells West to deal with it while she enjoys the in-car AC. As Bradford and Chen find the counterfeiting culprit, an alert starts blaring on their phones. Everyone receives the message. A ballistic missile is inbound to LA in the next 30 minutes.

At the courts, Russo and Nolan try to calm everyone down, but unfortunately the inmates are not helping the situation. As tensions start to rise, Wes manages to get in contact with Lopez. She tells him that the courthouse has a bomb shelter after the judge had previously told them no. They turn to find the judge (Jim Ortlieb) and some essential personnel have disappeared and gone to the bomb shelter. The judge pulls a gun on Nolan, but he manages to grab it and take control of the situation. Russo reveals that she wasn’t at the courthouse for Nolan, but he already knew that and they share a kiss. Oscar starts to stir some tension between the felons and the families. In the commotion, Oscar steals the baliff’s keys.

Grey instructs everyone at the precinct to do what they can to help the people of LA. Rachel tries to convince Bradford to stay back with her, but he has to protect the city. Harper returns to the station with her daughter Lila (Carsyn Rose). While Grey is upset that Harper isn’t on the streets, he understands. He asks how traffic is and the situation is not good. Chen and Bradford cruise the streets trying to keep their minds distracted while Harper’s daughter forces her to be more truthful about scary situations. Bradford and Chen head to the convenience store which is being robbed and stop the shop owner from using his shotgun. They cart them off before taking a drink for the end of the world.

Meanwhile, West and Lopez find a group of fanatics who are planning to jump from a building before the missile hits. They decide to chat with the leader Aurora (Lizzie Broadway) who is definitely unsure of this situation. Lopez convinces them to come down just as Grey informs everyone that the missile was a false alarm. Harper goes to Rachel asking for advice on her social services situation and her current “parental abduction.” Unfortunately even in this situation Harper was in the wrong. Grey interrupts to ask about Nolan and his whereabouts.

Back in the bunker, the inmates slowly unbuckle themselves as everyone prepares for the missile to hit. One grabs a gun and starts firing at everyone while Wes notices Oscar has grabbed a pair of scissors. They secure the other prisoner, but Oscar has the judge by the throat. He goes to sneak out, but West and Lopez are there to subdue him. Lopez comes in searching for Wes to find that he has been fatally stabbed by Oscar. They take him to the hospital while Nolan deals with Oscar at the station.

Donovan (Enver Gjokaj) arrives looking for Lila and berates Harper for her actions. Grey tries to calm him down, but she wants her arrested. Nolan steps in and explains that Harper has been changing and she lets her walls down. Donovan drops it and tells Lila to hug her mom before they leave. Lopez sits in the hospital waiting room with West, nervous of the situation. The episode ends with as the nurse comes out to tell them that Wes will make a full recovery.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Nolan end up with Russo or Grace?
  • Will West melt down?
  • How will Nolan break down Harper’s walls?

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