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Keith NoakesNovember 8, 201981/100
Lily Mariye
Laurence Andries
Running Time
43 minutes
9pm (CTV), 10pm (ABC)
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I'm the Murderer gave us an emotional case of the week but didn't amount to much else. Birkhead is back and means business while someone may or may not be a murderer.

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Synopsis: Gabriel is first chair on a case defending a teacher involved in a school shooting, and this case hits particularly close to home for both Gabriel and Annalise. Elsewhere, Annalise attempts to discourage Tegan from her new quest to right a wrong, all while Oliver makes a shocking confession. (IMDb)

Other than an emotional case of the week that hit home for some of the characters, I’m the Murderer didn’t offer all that much except for the moment that inspired the episode title which will surely confuse viewers even more.

The episode started with Annalise and Robert (Cas Anvar), the lawyer that she flirted with a few episodes prior, discussing their next date (their relationship consisted mostly of speaking on the phone but he wanted them to go out again since he was looking for something real). Their chat would be interrupted by a woman who knocked on her door thinking that Annalise’s penthouse was her AirBnB (it was the one across from hers). She eventually agreed to the in person date he wanted (they look like they are becoming more of a thing). Meanwhile, the K4 installed cameras in their house to protect themselves against the Castillos (Michaela wanted to focus on herself until her exams were over). Frank was also still trying to get with Bonnie.

A flashback indicated that this episode takes place roughly a month after the last one as Michaela broke up with Gabriel because she wanted to focus on her. Meanwhile, it was Gabriel’s turn to lead the class for the next case of a teacher named David (Reed Diamond) who accidentally shot and killed a student. His idea was to make it a restorative justice case. It’s goal was to, using a public form, to help all the affected parties heal and move on. Meanwhile, David was plagued by guilt thought he needed to be punished and was willing to accept anything thrown his way. He thought a trouble student named Ryan was going to hurt his class so he illegally brought a gun to school for protection (getting topical) and shot him once he believed he was about to reach for a gun.

Their only hurdle was to convince Ryan’s grandparents (and guardians) to allow the restorative justice hearing. Asher shared with them his story about his family after the suicide of his father. The hearing would have been much better for them as it would pretty much mean putting Ryan on trial. Their plea worked. As the hearing began, it became clear that Ryan was a troubled student and a bully and that David was a great teacher. However, things would turn once it was revealed that Ryan was actually reaching for his phone in an attempt to out David. This changed the grandparents thoughts on the case but Annalise pulled them back in by bringing up the loss of her child. Ultimately, it was the moment when the grandparents confronted David directly that was the most emotional.

Annalise shared with David her struggle with the closet. David truly regretted his actions, letting hate consume him (for Ryan knowing he was gay) and for not finding the courage to stand up to a 16-year-old boy. The judge’s ruling was to uphold David’s plea deal which would send him to prison for 25 years. Meanwhile, Michaela admitted to Gabriel that the reason she broke up with him was that she cheated on him with Asher. Their rivalry then became physical right there in the courthouse (neither of them got arrested).

Nate and Tegan were working on a wrongful death lawsuit against Governor Birkhead. Annalise warned them but Nate wasn’t concerned. She wanted to make sure that didn’t happen so she asked Frank to scare Tegan into not filing and it worked as she was sent pictures of Cora (suspecting that the Castillos were scaring her into not filing). Bonnie decided to be Nate’s lawyer and help him file the suit (Frank tried to warn her but it was too late). Birkhead asked Xavier to find information on Bonnie and luckily he had a plant near Annalise (the AirBnB woman).

The episode ended with the “I’m the Murderer” moment in a flash forward at the police station where Oliver was presumably waiting for Connor (we know he was being interviewed). He couldn’t take it anymore and confessed to being a murderer (which may or may not be true).

It’s nice to see Birkhead back in what was an emotional episode but it really didn’t amount to much though it’s clear that something is going to happen to Bonnie. Maybe it’s the murder foreshadowed in the flashforwards but who really knows? That part is getting increasingly confusing.

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