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Keith NoakesNovember 11, 201987/100
Alrick Riley
Jessica Grasl
Running Time
41 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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SAFD was a fun episode that saw some of the doctors go on an adventure while others finally confronted their own problems.

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Synopsis: Dr. Shaun Murphy’s unique ability to relate to a patient isolated by an immune deficiency yields an unexpected result; a 12-year-old patient is about to become blind; tension builds between Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Audrey Lim. (TV Guide)

Who would have thought that one of the better episodes of the season spent a majority of its time away from the hospital while its title had nothing to do with Murphy? Meanwhile, some lingering storylines would also be addressed.

SAFD started with Murphy and Lea at their apartment. As Carly was gone for a pathology conference, Lea was giving him some long-distance relationship advice (i.e. texting). Meanwhile. Browne, Reznick, and Andrews were tending to a young boy named Charlie who had to lose his only semi-functioning eye because of cancer and was understandably not thrilled about it. Melendez (who was still shaken after last week), Murphy, and Park had a patient named Tara with breathing problems who also had to be isolated due to a condition leaving her without an immune system.

Unfortunately for Browne and Reznick, Charlie went missing. They later found him at a baseball game. Charlie wanted to experience as much as he could before going blind, just like the Spontaneous Family Adventure Days they used to have, (including seeing a girl for whom he had a crush on who worked at the ballpark). While Reznick was supportive, Browne was trying to do all she could to get him back to the hospital (Andrews was understandably concerned and his parents were working out their own issues).

Their field trip included driving and a trip to a strip club (which failed). Browne’s tough love (life sucks sometimes) didn’t help but she admitted that she took out her frustrations on Charlie for losing her mother. She encouraged him to live his life. He agreed to have the surgery though before, Reznick made sure that he got to see a naked woman (she flashed him). Browne was absent when Charlie woke up after his surgery.

While operating on Tara, it became clear that the doctors would have to remove her from her bubble. The bigger issue was Melendez’s apparent hesitation that went noticed by Lim. They treated another of Tara’s symptoms but her condition still remained. She and Murphy would bond over their shared restrictive conditions. Tara also gave him some relationship advice.

In order to perhaps cure Tara, Park suggested they try gene-replacement therapy, a risky procedure. Melendez, who was still reeling, was against it. Tara was against it at first until some convincing by Murphy helped change her mind and it appeared to be a success. Meanwhile, Glassman echoed Lim’s words that Melendez should still talk to someone. He finally admitted to Lim that he wasn’t fine but brought her into it by blaming her for letting him do the surgery. Their relationship clouded her judgment about him.

Debbie’s first day working at the hospital clinic did not go smoothly, making subtle changes and forcing Glassman to follow a strict schedule. He would get frustrated which led her to quit. Glassman acknowledged he may have overreacted and wanted Debbie back which she agreed. Meanwhile, Reznick confronted Browne at a bar to encourage that she get her act together while Melendez drank and Murphy texted Carly.

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