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Dylan PhillipsNovember 11, 201975/100
Sylvain White
Terence Paul Winter
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44 minutes
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Safety was an alright episode. The shake up for community service day causes the rookies to learn some valuable lessons from COs with differing perspectives. The struggles with their situations give the rookies the necessary tools to realize whether they are cut out for the line of duty or not.

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As Bradford watches a football game he is interrupted by a high-speed car chase being broadcast. He hears him outside, backs us car into the street and blocks the road to stop the pursuit dead in its tracks. Victorious, Bradford returns to his couch to celebrate his team’s touchdown. Here’s what went down in “Safety.”

The topic of this week’s stories revolves around community involvement as the rookies are tasked with showing how dedicated the LAPD can be for the citizens they serve and protect. Each of them deals with it in a slightly different way from West teaming with Bradford to coach a local football team to Chen and Harper taking community complaints from concerned citizens.

The West/Bradford story is somewhat entertaining, but finds itself the most unrealistic of the three. It manages to rope the off-duty Lopez into their story, but that’s less of a coincidence and more of a convenience for the plot. The dynamic between these two has been lacking so it’s great to see their interaction and the odd level of respect that Bradford gives to West.

The Chen/Harper story sees them tackling community concerns that causes Harper to reveal her lack of belief in Chen as a police officer. This tension shows Harper’s continued lack of empathy for the rookies, but Chen’s resilience helps to break down those walls just like Nolan has been able to. While this brings Harper down a notch, it gives Chen a much needed wake up call to help her push forward and survive this job.

The final story involves Nolan and his discovery of a potential pregnancy with Russo. This causes him to grapple with the idea of a new child and the ramifications of that. Henry caused him to give up everything and focus on his son and now that he is finally able to find his own path, he is unsure what to do. While Russo isn’t pregnant, she realizes she wants to be and they realize that their lives are in two different places causing them to break up. While this is the least cop-centric story of the episode, it is the most emotional and character building making it a necessary step in Nolan’s evolution and his realization that this job is really what he wants to do.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Russo return when Nolan’s eyes have turned to someone else to cause some tension?
  • Who will break down Harper’s barriers next?

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