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Keith NoakesNovember 17, 201968/100
Michael Cudlitz
Corey Reed
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44 minutes
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Open Your Eyes was not worth opening up your eyes for unless you happen to be a fan of Siddiq, otherwise it sets up what we already know will happen in the midseason finale.

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Synopsis: Carol pushes boundaries that make Daryl uneasy; Alpha and Beta have reservations about someone. (IMDb)

So the above synopsis isn’t exactly accurate which should come as that much of a surprise considering it’s for an episode of a series that is now a shell of its former self. This season, Siddiq’s sporadic PTSD has been sprinkled throughout to little impact thus the conclusion of that saga in this penultimate episode before the midseason finale war barely impactful to say the least despite the writers going all in (and an obvious twist if you really think about it). Meanwhile, teen hissy fits have been a major theme of the series, whether we like them or not. Suffice it to say that this latest one went the same way as most of the others. Now the most interesting part of this episode and this season as a whole, more or less, has been the duality between Carol and Alpha. Something is clearly going to happen between them but the contrasting has been compelling.

Open Your Eyes (also something that the writers should do) started with Siddiq attempting to treat the sick of Alexandria before being haunted by another PTSD episode. Meanwhile, the others were trying to figure out what to do with their new Whisper hostage despite the council’s disdain for Carol (Lydia lost her cell). Lydia was clearly conflicted after the new arrival and needed to pick a side. She gave Carol some interrogation advice which was to take a more ideological approach. This would prove to be a failure. A more physical approach, including some light torture, proved futile as well.

The prison would eventually get sick and die after Dante accidentally gave him poison from Siddiq’s bag (they were going to show him Lydia to show that Alpha lied about killing her). Meanwhile, Siddiq and Rosita caught up. He finally shared with her what was going on with him. Siddiq was tired of seeing people around him die. He figured out that the water was what was making everyone sick. Aaron and Gamma were also keeping their thing going (it looked like he was getting to her). Their intentions were to get information from each other but neither seemed to get anywhere. Alpha was not thrilled. When they met up again, Aaron was not alone as Carol and Lydia showed up. Suffice it to say that Gamma was shook by seeing Lydia who wasn’t thrilled about being used by Carol whom she compared to Alpha before storming off.

The episode ended with Siddiq who was visited by Dante who wanted to apologize and console him. It was there that his fractured memory finally started to come back together. Siddiq figured out that Dante was secretly a Whisper who was sabotaging Alexandria from the inside before getting choked to death for his trouble.

Other than some Siddiq drama (that also helped to put everything into the open), this episode didn’t have all that much going for it though it didn’t really have much setting up to do since we all know that it’s going to be Carol vs. Alpha.

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