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Keith NoakesNovember 10, 201969/100
Dan Liu
Kevin Beiboldt
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45 minutes
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Bonds saw some bonds, both good and bad, but a lot of mediocrity as this mess of a season has failed to give us anything to care about as it continues to move slowly towards the midseason finale.

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Synopsis: Carol and Daryl go on a mission together; Siddiq struggles to solve a mystery. (IMDb)

This series is never not going to be a mess isn’t it. The last few seasons have survived on a ratio of one or two good subplots to around three or four bad to mediocre ones and Bonds was no different (you can find them listed from least to most interesting below). At least the episode lived up to its title in that it featured some bonds, both old and new, but that was about it. As we reach the midseason finale, this season is surely setting up for a battle that most of us could have predicted going into the season, however, who cares? This season has done a poor job at giving us any reason to do so and that isn’t looking to change anytime soon.

The episode started with Carol and Daryl getting ready to go out on another adventure to search for Negan, at least according to Carol, which is probably not the case. In reality, Carol’s goal was to find Alpha’s horde and destroy it. They were only planning on observing and reporting (though it surely won’t end up that way). Carol had indeed put a lot of work into it. Carol and Daryl observed as the Whispers gathered stray walkers. There was still some distrust on Daryl’s part but either way, they went for a closer look even if it meant crossing the border. They got in pretty deep but after overcoming some trouble, Carol took a hostage unbeknownst to Daryl to interrogate back with them.

Alexandria was hit by an illness that was spreading and leaving Siddiq’s friend Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas), a little overwhelmed (but he wasn’t letting anyone else know that which Siddiq wasn’t quite happy with and would get a sleepwalking experience later in the episode). Meanwhile, Eugene was happy to hear from Rosita (and she from him) using the new communication system at Hilltop (that he set up using the downed satellite), who seemed to have contracted the earlier illness. He eventually came into contact with a mysterious woman for whom he had an immediate connection with despite her being apprehensive which was understandable, however, he wasn’t worried (which may be a bad thing obviously). Ultimately, she would cut their conversation short when things started to get more personal.

Negan was also doing a great job at annoying Beta by just being himself (he wanted to join the Whispers and was willing to share secrets). Beta was sure to share his doubts about Negan with Alpha but she wanted him to test Negan. She was not a fan of being questioned as of late (a promotion for Beta may be upcoming) all while Negan observed and learned. From there, he continued to prod. Ultimately, Beta unsurprisingly deemed him unworthy so he tried to get rid of him by leaving him in the middle of a group of walkers.

Of course Negan survived and the episode ended with Alpha who seemed very impressed by this while Negan seemed very thrilled.

So it looks like it’s going to be our survivors against the Whispers (shocking) while Beta takes on Negan (actually interesting). Either way, get ready to be disappointed.

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