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Dylan PhillipsDecember 2, 201985/100
Leslie Libman
Alexi Hawley, Corey Miller
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44 minutes
Sundays 10pm
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Breaking Point was a great episode. It manages to take intense moments and pair them with strong character building for a great penultimate showing.

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Lopez and West stop a guy outside a house carrying a ton of Amazon boxes away from the door. As they question him, he decides to jump the fence into the backyard where he is greeted by a very aggressive dog. He jumps back allowing the officers to arrest him. Here’s what went down in “Breaking Point.”

This episode does a great job of delivering some intense moments paired with some interesting character development scenes. This is most evidently seen through the development of Harper as a real, three-dimensional character. Once a very bitten, broken and brash officer, she has now opened up and shown an intense amount of vulnerability thanks to the actor’s brilliant performance. She instantly has become a fave on the force.

The problem arises when we look at Harper’s motivations and how that would affect her relationship with Nolan. The actors have a great chemistry and easily propelled Nolan’s character to greater heights than his last CO, but with her constantly having one foot still in the undercover life it is only a matter of time until she takes the opportunity to leave.

Meanwhile, Chen and Bradford are dealing with a case of a son killing his mother after she caused her boyfriend to leave. The situation brings Wesley in as the kid’s council and this is where this storyline becomes most interested. The show decides to tackle the PTSD that Wesley is battling and forces him to confront this through hearing the kid’s description of the events. His anxiety attack and everything leading up to it makes for a heartbreaking and sympathizing moment that is subtly portrayed by Ashmore.

Nolan also deals with his own breaking point moments in the form of the former owner of his home. Howard returns looking for answers about his family and Nolan realizes they went into hiding to avoid him. Fillion continues to show a compassionate side to this character that not many actors could bring. He always wants to be the peacekeeper and puts himself in the center of any situation to make sure all voices are heard.

And finally West and Lopez are called to a TV set to be police consultant for their cop drama. They help with a stalker case that puts West in a situation that results in a bullet to the vest. His growth from a scared, anxious and green cop to an assured officer makes for a great arc. That paired with his exploration of his sexuality through flirting with the show’s lead helps to bring more layers to the least explored character on the show.

The episode ends with Nolan and Grace going on a date through multiple venues upping the stakes between these past flames.

Captain’s Log

  • Does Wesley need help with his trauma?
  • Will Harper and Nolan get made by Ripper?
  • Who will break down Harper’s barriers next?
  • What happens in the winter finale?

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