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Keith NoakesDecember 13, 201983/100
Lily Mariye
Nicholas Wootton
Running Time
42 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
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Dex Education was a compelling midseason finale that brought up plenty of drama while putting the cast's great chemistry on display.

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Synopsis: Dex goes undercover as a high school substitute teacher after an old classmate of hers enlists her help to find out who planted drugs on her daughter. Meanwhile, Dex and Liz’s relationship gets too close for comfort. (IMDb)

It’s only appropriate that the midseason finale of Stumptown bring plenty of compelling drama as Dex would be faced with the error of her ways following the questionable night with Liz that ended last week’s episode. This roller coaster brought out the best from all the cast (the better episodes have always involved the whole cast). Meanwhile, Dex found herself breaking up a high school drug ring because obviously.

Dex Education started with where the last episode ended with Dex and Liz coming to terms with what may or may not happened the night before. Both were definitely hung over back at Dex’s house. Neither remembered what happened but their plan was to keep it to themselves. With Ansel in the house, it would be tough getting past him (Liz jumped off the balcony). Back at the bar, Dex and Liz skirted past the details of their night out with Grey (though it was only a matter of time that he’d figure it out anyway). Their slightly different accounts didn’t help.

The case of the week saw Dex working a case for one of her former classmates named Penny (Lindy Booth) after her daughter Jennifer (Abby Donnelly) was expelled after she allegedly had drugs planted on her. Jennifer’s high school rival Alyssa (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) was automatically the suspect. The next step for Dex was of course posing as a substitute teacher which weant as well as one would expect (considering today’s generation). Meanwhile. Dex’s night with Liz would also have an effect on her relationship with Hoffman.

Dex seemingly found a voice of reason in a volleyball coach (for which Jennifer and other girls were also on) named Mary Jane Glenway (Gillian Zinser). Penny pointed the figure at the high school and their history of covering things up. Meanwhile, Ansel implied to Grey that something may have happened between Dex and Liz. With this knowledge, he confronted Liz who presented a different story that implied that Dex may be responsible for what happened. He eventually confronted Dex and kicked her out of his bar which also made things awkward between her and Hoffman (who was also there).

It was determined that the pills came from a girl named Rebecca (Jessi Case) who stole her doctor mom’s prescription pad. Rebecca, in turn, implicated Glenway (who disappeared until she was apprehended after a car chase) in their ring (but was not willing to rat her out though she was the ringleader) and admitted to planting the drugs. Meanwhile, Dex was convinced that she was falsely accused. She and Grey got heated where he confronted her on her many faults (he didn’t want her around the bar anymore). A certain look from Liz implied that there may be something more going on (security footage from the casino indicated that Liz was trying to get Dex drunk).

In the end, Dex mended fences with Penny while Hoffman chose to keep his relationship with Dex professional instead of confronting his issues with her. Grey got a copy of the casino security footage and then kicked Liz out as a result (not before she perhaps rightfully confronted him on his relationship with Dex). While Dex was struggling with making her bed, Ansel shared his wanting to move out (too bad this got ignored).

Leaving Hoffman and Grey on uneasy terms, the episode ended with both men attempting to see her though Hoffman was the only one who succeeded (Grey got there just after Hoffman and watched Dex let him in).

It’s going to be an awkward love triangle once the series comes back in January.

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