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Keith NoakesFebruary 4, 202086/100
Steven DePaul
Doris Egan
Running Time
41 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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Sex and Death was a good episode of The Good Doctor whose compelling Reznick story albeit got slightly undercut by a horny Murphy.

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Synopsis: A terminal patient is determined to live life to the fullest in his final months. Dr. Reznik must confront her relationship with her mother when she asks Dr. Glassman for a third opinion. (IMDb)

For those who ever wondered where Reznik came from. this episode may be for you. Meanwhile, horny Murphy is definitely weirder than it sounds. Despite this, he surprisingly takes a back seat for the main story of the episode, giving Fiona Gubelmann a chance to shine. While other characters were forced to talk about death.

Sex and Death started with Murphy and Reznick. The former was in a good mood after having sex with Carly. Reznick had to reign in this behavior. They needed to speak with a terminal cancer patient named Oliver (John Ales) who was near the end of his life. He was miserable and didn’t want more time (he would then go on and get himself in trouble with completing a bucket list of sorts). Meanwhile, Glassman met a terminal female patient (who would later be revealed as Reznick’s artist mother Caroline) with a series of malformations on her brain and it was getting worse. She did not like what was a third opinion. She also was not ready for the risks that surgery would entails as she would lose her creative side.

Walking out of Glassman’s office, Caroline (Annette O’Toole) ran into Browne and her daughter. Their conversation was cut short after she appeared to have stroke. From there, Reznick would be relegated to the sidelines as the other doctors worked on her mother, having to balance what was best for her and what was best for her mother (who arguably didn’t take things seriously and didn’t have the best relationship with her daughter). After discharging herself from the hospital, she would have to go back as a seizure caused her to cut off part of her finger.

Caroline’s second visit allowed them time to catch up and ire their issues (including her disapproval of Reznick’s profession which was why she left them). Reznick had an idea that she tried to pitch a relatively new and unproven procedure to Glassman that could save her mother which he refused (but then reconsidered). Convincing Caroline was a different matter so she would have to get her brother Ariel (Alan Leech) on her side. She succeeded and the surgery would be a success. Meanwhile, Oliver’s tumour had shrunken to a point where it could be surgically removed (leaving him shook).

Murphy was still thinking about sex with Carly and was looking forward to having some more. However, he was not as good as he thought he was but was looking forward to improving (and of course the others were more than happy to offer advice as he had plenty of work to do though his attempts were hilarious).

Reznick and her mother had a moment when she thanked her for saving her life but the episode would end with Carly who was certainly satisfied after her latest encounter with Murphy.

Another roller-coaster of emotion and surprisingly hilarious episode though it could have downplayed horny Murphy a touch more (pun intended).

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