TV ReviewsThis Is Us (4×13) A Hell of a Week: Part Three Review

Ariba BhuvadFebruary 12, 202095/100
Justin Hartley
Laura Kenar
Running Time
43 minutes
Tuesdays 9pm
Overall Score
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Justin Hartley shines behind the camera this week as the episode's director as the Big Three's trilogy comes to an emotional end with Kate's story.

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Synopsis: Kate finds strength in unexpected places. (IMDb)

This Is Us concludes the Big Three’s trilogy with Kate, and it’s quite the emotional rollercoaster. But there is one sweet, adorable thing. The flashbacks consist of young Kate who is the last of the three to ask for Jack’s attention on the first night in her new room. It’s just very sweet and reminds us that Kate loves Jack and Rebecca very much.

In the present, Kate is getting ready to take Jack to the retreat with other families with blind children. Toby is supposed to go but it’s clear that he’s trying to find excuses not to go. If you recall, he’s been having a hard time with Jack’s blindness and doesn’t know how to deal with it. He’s retreated quite a bit from his marriage and taking care of Jack, and ultimately, he doesn’t end up going to the retreat.

Rebecca ends up going with Kate instead, which I honestly loved. It was a nice break from whatever was going on at home, and it was nice to see Rebecca and Kate actually share a sweet moment together. Kate was able to let her guard down and share her Toby troubles, and Rebecca was able to tell Kate about her health issues. Better yet, Rebecca has let loose ever since her diagnosis and is living her life to the fullest. She doesn’t want to be afraid anymore, and it shows. It’s actually great!

Upon returning from the retreat, Kate decides she’s going to put her foot down with Toby and confront him. He still seems to resist but after getting a call from Randall and Kevin, Kate decides she’s going up to the cabin with her brothers. They’re all going through a tough time as we’ve seen from the last two episodes. Initially, Kate plans to take Jack, but Toby offers to take care of him over the weekend. Let’s hope this goes well!

And then comes the tough part of this week’s episode. We know that teenage Kate’s relationship with her boyfriend Marc is anything but pleasant. We hadn’t seen the bad side of it until this week’s episode, and honestly, he is the worst. He treats Kate like crap, abandons her in the freezing cold, and calls her fat. It’s all shocking and disgusting, and I think there’s plenty more we’re going to get from this storyline.

He’s not a stable guy and based on next week’s promo, we know that things are going to get even worse between him and Kate. Just in case you forgot, they’re at the Pearson family cabin, and after she calls Rebecca, mommy dearest, Randall, and Kevin all head to the cabin to check on Kate.

That’s a good thing considering Kate’s screaming to be let back inside the cabin in the promo. Ugh, can Marc go away?!

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