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Dylan PhillipsFebruary 14, 202085/100
Oliver Bokelberg
Meghann Plunkett
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44 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
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House Where Nobody Lives changes the direction of the show with a new Captain, but it shines through delivering the heartbreaking backstory of one of its most conflicted characters.

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A flashback reveals Jack’s time in a home with his foster siblings when it cuts back to his affair with Vasquez’ wife. He’s unsure of what he is doing, but it doesn’t seem to matter to him. Meanwhile Andy and Maya aren’t on the best terms in their own house given what she did while Andy was on leave. Here’s what happened in “House Where Nobody Lives.”

Maya brings a new approach to the Captain’s position and it isn’t is not a firehouse favourite. Between her aid car patrol plan, the weekly Olympic training regimes and the constant reminder of her authority, Maya is getting on everyone’s bad side. She continues to push those closest to her away and into the arms of each other leaving her high and dry. It is only a matter of time until the isolation sets in and she resorts to questionable decisions.

Meanwhile, Gibson and Warren are going on patrol to take care of homeless groups in the community which strikes a chord with Jack’s past. He really feels for people who are less fortunate given his constant move from home to home. His past resulted in his foster parents dying in a house fire and his siblings being divided, which is something he tries to avoid with the homeless kids he finds. This situation is heartbreaking to see unfold as Jack’s complicated past becomes a little clearer.

And finally Dean finds out that JJ is heavily pregnant with his child leading him to feel foggy about everything else going on. Pruitt is pushing the Fire Chief to give coverage to all types of cancer so he can leave something to Andy. And the big reveal is that Jack and Andy talk about Ryan’s death leading them to move in together as roommates in spite of Maya. Is an old romance returning? Anything is possible in Station 19.

The change of captaincy definitely pushes the narrative and tone of the show in a different direction, especially with the fact that it comes with burned bridges between friends. However, the change feels a bit unnecessary throwing a new cog into a machine that was working well to begin with. It wasn’t feeling stale or repetitive yet and didn’t need to change its direction. Hopefully this choice doesn’t cause this season and its narrative to snowball out of control.

Captain’s Log

  • Will Andy and Sullivan get back together?
  • Will Victoria and Jackson last?
  • Who will leave Station 19?

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