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Dylan PhillipsApril 7, 202080/100
Stephanie Marquardt
Rachael Seymour, Corey Miller
Running Time
44 minutes
Sundays 10pm
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The Overnight continues to explore the backstory of these characters as it develops their ongoing situations with a great meta crossover.

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Chen and Bradford respond to a call at the LA auditions of American Idol where a contestant tried to give some meth smoothies to the judges as “Happy Juice.” He forgets his bag so Chen runs back to grab it where she is grabbed by one of the crewmembers and brought in front of the judges to sing. After a brief encounter with Ryan Seacrest, she is forced in front of Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan to sing. Funny how the show goes full meta and puts Melissa O’Neil, previous winner of Canadian Idol, on the American version’s stage. Here’s what went down in “The Overnight.”

First up was the duo of Nolan and Harper who are both dealing with their own family issues. Nolan’s past is explored a bit as we learn about Henry being born with Teralogy of Fallot which required a ton of surgeries. Meanwhile, Harper opens up about her past and the struggles with her ex-husband Donovan. He would use her incidents against her in court to restrict her visitation rights with Lila. After opening up to Nolan, she asks him to come as a buffer to dinner with Donovan.

This turns into Nolan being tied up by one of Harper’s old neighbors who drugged his husband after he threatened to leave. Luckily, Nolan manages to diffuse the situation in the end. His biggest concern is of course not being kidnapped, but why Grace wouldn’t introduce him to her son. Turns out she isn’t divorced yet and living a fine legal and emotional line between divorced and separated. Seems Nolan has some thinking to do.

Lopez and Jackson are working the night shift so that she and Wesley can go away on a romantic getaway. She’s initially excited, but Jackson lets slip that he thinks Wes plans to propose causing his TO to spiral. She starts to panic and get anxious about the meaning behind the trip, but he helps fix those issues by proposing before they even leave.

And Lucy deals with reporter Valerie Castillo (Roselyn Sanchez aka Eric Winter’s wife) as she tries to use the rookie’s naivety to get information on a story. Luckily, she reports this to Bradford and he shuts this down quickly. While this is a brief interaction, it was great seeing this real-life couple on-screen together.

Captain’s Log

  • How long will Tim and Rachel last?
  • Will we see more of Bradford and Cujo?
  • How will Wes deal with his issues?
  • Does Armstrong have a secret he is hiding?

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