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A change of scenery has come to this episode from the Scottish countryside and bustling streets of 18th century England to a shipboard adventure on the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean. It finds Claire and Jamie on-board a vessel bound for Jamaica and tackling several issues from seafaring sickness to a crew suspicion mutiny to an end that pulls the two-main protagonist away from each other once again. Advertisements

Wow! What an episode! Secrets revealed, a romance that stands upon an edge of a knife, and an ending twist that will propel the rest of season forward into a new territory. After a few episodes that didn’t move events along, this episode certainly was exciting and dramatic; testing the relationship of Claire and Jamie in several big moment events.

The rekindling passion of an old romance relationship. That’s what the basic premise of this episode. It didn’t have a lot of narrative and / or plot points to further this season’s story but it did showcase the reconnection between Jamie and Claire, despite their twenty years apart from each other as husband and wife. There really wasn’t much of strong narrative thread in this episode, so this review might be a little bit shorter...

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