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The Favourite – Equally Absurd and Mediocre

Let’s just say ‘most accessible film’ doesn’t always mean ‘best film’, or at least in this case.

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This Week On keithlovesmovies (Week of December 5th)

Here is a look at the movies we will be covering this week, time permitting:
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Revisiting Yorgos Lanthimos’ Work

If nothing else, Yorgos Lanthimos has proved that he is one of the most unique voices in filmmaking today. Very few filmmakers can claim that they’ve made this big of a mark on cinema this early on in their career. With rave review pouring in for his new film, The Favourite, it seems as though Lanthimos has hit a home run once again. With The Favourite releasing this weekend, here are three Lanthimos films to watch in preparation for the film:

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