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Ariba BhuvadDecember 20, 2017

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Synopsis:  Jonah tells Leslie to bring PRIDE back together, but is unaware that Frank has learned part of the secret that Leslie is concealing. Meanwhile, Victor starts to revert to his old self as Jonah’s treatment wears off, and Catherine tells the Yorkes’ what to do with Molly. (TVGuide) 

Writer: Quinton Peeples

Director: Peter Hoar

Rating: TV-PG

Running Time: 45 minutes

Marvel’s Runaways thus far has not disappointed in the episodes we’ve seen thus far. With each episode comes more drama, sprinkled with a twist we didn’t see coming. This week’s episode was no exception.

A flashback takes us 25 years into the past to young Victor and Janet in college. It was at this moment the two characters met for the very first time. It was also the moment we got a glimpse into Victor’s passion and interest in time travel. The flashback covers a number of years in Victor and Janet’s life and shows his tumultuous relationship with Chase, even as a child. It appears the abusive behavior existed from day one. Behavior that comes back with a vengeance later in the episode.

Remember Victor’s time travel TV? A flash forward to the present shows Victor in his lab, but Chase’s voice ringing around him. We soon discover that the Chase from the future is sending a message, warning Victor not to use the Fistigons. A message whose importance is only understood in the final moments of the episode.

In the Wilder household, tensions are sky high as Catherine and Geoffrey attempt to find out if Alex knows about their PRIDE life. After the events of last week, it is clear to them that Molly knows of their extracurricular activities.

However, Molly was not the only repercussion of last week’s episode. In a rageful moment, Victor revealed to everyone that Janet and Robert were having an affair. With it out in the open, Robert attempted to create a new beginning with Janet. However, she opted to stay with Victor and work on their family.

It was great to see more of Frank’s character in this episode, as he has been MIA for most of the series. His character brings a certain allure and realism to the story that we’ve been missing. With odd visions of his wife and Jonah in bed together, Frank has been grappling with these thoughts in his head. He is not sure what to think of Jonah, and this suspicion increases ten-fold when he discovers a picture of Jonah as an adult with Leslie in the eighth grade. The Church of Gibborim sure is intriguing, huh?

With the stakes being high, Molly finally came clean to the group about accidentally telling Catherine she saw the parents. This situation backfired on her when a decision was made between the Yorkes and Wilders to send Molly away to New Mexico.

Some light was shed on who or what exactly Jonah is. In evaluating Jonah’s DNA, the Yorkes discover his DNA is unlike anyone else’s and possesses the ability to never age.

Things got interesting when all the parents and kids gathered at the school for their open night. While Leslie worked on getting PRIDE back together, Janet revealed to Robert their affair was over. Frank confronted Leslie about the picture with Jonah and told her about his visions of them together. He learned from her who and what exactly Jonah is, according to Gibborim history.

In all this chaos, the effects of Jonah’s therapy began to wear off on Victor, who immediately reverted back to being a complete douchebag. This resulted in an epic ending to this week’s episode that left Chase and Victor in a fist fight, literally. In a moment of anger, Victor punched Chase away with the Fistigons. And as he attempted to make one final move which would end Chase’s life, he was shot dead by Janet! Remember the cryptic message from future Chase asking Victor not to use the Fistigons?

While most of the episode played on in a sort of lull, the final moments of the episode made up for it. With a death in the group, and so much already at stake, what will this mean for PRIDE and the kids? The drama keeps unfolding as we approach the end of the season, and we have so much yet to find out. Marvel’s Runaways has done a marvelous job in its freshman season of upping the ante, keeping us invested, and revealing a story unlike another we have seen thus far. Bravo, Runaways, Bravo!

Score: 7.5/10

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