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Synopsis: The series finale: With the existence of B613 exposed to the world, the Gladiators make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take down Cyrus and Jake. (TVGuide)

Writer: Shonda Rhimes

Director: Tom Verica

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43mins

Airs: Thursdays at 10pm on ABC (United States)

“Over a Cliff” starts with a car rolling up in a back alley in the pouring rain. Olivia Pope is meeting with Lonnie who says he has to take himself out of the situation because he is compromised, but he says he can get them a senate hearing so long as gun control becomes Mellie’s top priority. She agrees to do just that and with that Lonnie gets Olivia her senate hearing, but committing suicide in front of her.

Shockwaves are felt through the capital as Sally discusses the reveal of B613 and Lonnie’s suicide. Jake and Cyrus are feeling the repercussions knowing that David Rosen is now in charge of the investigation. Speaking of Rosen, he’s prepping QPA with what sort of questions they will be facing. They know it’ll be tough, but they realize it’s what has to be done. Olivia has a sit down with Rowan to ask for some help, looking for his testimony to help take down Jake and Cyrus, but Rowan is fleeing the country and not looking back. He lectures her on cleaning up everyone’s mess, but she exclaims that this hearing will finally bring everyone into the light. Basically a summary of her entire series arc right here.

At the Oval, Mellie and Marcus comment on her Presidential Portrait before she opens up about feeling trapped and never living in the moment, which prompts Marcus to come in for a kiss. At QPA, Quinn is freaking out about putting her life on the line while she has a baby, and Abby freaks out that David Rosen will leave her if she’s in prison. All the commotion causes Huck to get stage fright, but it’s too late as they are summoned for the hearing. Many faces are brought in front of the committee including a few old ones as they are asked about their knowledge of B613, their association with it and if they were an agent, how many people they killed. This brings a very amusing Huck scene.

After the hearing, they all meet to sit down and decompress, but not before Quinn is allowed to see Charlie. They have 10 minutes with Charlie and they use it to wed him and Quinn with Huck officiating no less. Charlie has to reveal his real name: Bernard. Of course he’d have a name like that. They are married, but things aren’t looking good. David Rosen is confronted by Jake in a parking garage and threatened, but he won’t back down and after telling Jake off he walks away.

Jake goes back to Cyrus, but he admits he couldn’t take care of David. Cyrus questions Jake’s ability to which he replies that Cyrus is nothing, just a seal sitting behind a desk barking orders. David talks to Abby about what happened with Jake, but she’s scared of the verdict. He reassures her that he will always wait for her. Suddenly David receives a text from Cyrus, he wants to deal. He has a signed confession from Cyrus, who also offers him a drink, and of course the naive David takes it. He falls to the ground convulsing from the poison until he dies on the floor of Cyrus’ home.  Just for good measure Cyrus smothers him with a pillow.

QPA stand around David in the morgue feeling hopeless for the situation, but Abby can’t deal with this and they need to focus up or else they will break. Huck offers to deal with it, but Olivia wants to do it the right way. Quinn comes to Rowan with Robin asking for him to run off with her so that she can grow up with a protective parent, but he declines and wishes her the best of luck. Olivia pours a drink and talks about the situation with Fitz, ranting about how she was wrong and she caused this, she caused everything. Fitz tries to reassure her, but she won’t listen. She sees herself as the problem. AND HERE COMES THE LAST OLITZ MELODY. She knows she’s going to jail and she won’t ever be alone with Fitz again, suggesting they can either talk about feelings or do something else. He walks over to her and passionately makes out with her as they undress and embrace in their final night of freedom.

As Rowan packs up his belongings from the office, he overhears the news of David Rosen’s death and gets a look on his face. Olivia walks up to find Fitz on the phone with some new information. Turns out the committee postponed because a new witness has come forward: Rowan. He sits in front of the committee to discuss the creation of B613, that it was created to protect the Republic from privileged politicians and that in turn their naivety was a co-creator of it. He lectures them about his importance in US history and that he alone, a black man, has been running this country for years making sure it didn’t crumble. His testimony allows the committee to reveal B613 and arrest Jake Ballard as Command. QPA are ecstatic that they are finally free and that the good guys won in the end, but Abby realizes not all the good guys made it and she breaks down. Olivia visits Jake in prison to apologize for making him into the man he is today. They talk about standing in the sun and reconcile their differences before he is carted off.

On The Liberty Report, Sally Langston praises Mellie and is glad her impeachment talks are gone. Cyrus arrives at the Oval to find Olivia there with Cyrus’ resignation letter ready for him. He sits for a moment and starts rambling about how he can’t even enjoy a drink anymore because his mind is always turning. In the end, he signs the letter. Mellie and Olivia sit on the balcony discussing the future of her presidency, and Olivia reveals she does not want to be a part of it. She is done fixing people’s problems and knows Mellie can run this country without her help. “What will you do instead?” “Whatever I want.” Olivia struts down the street with a smile on her face knowing she is finally free.

The series ends with everyone’s stories wrapping up. Charlie is released from prison and is reunited with Quinn and Robin. Fitz’ presidential portrait is revealed and Mellie continues her work as President with Marcus by her side. Jake lays in his tiny prison cell smiling at the memory of being in the sun. Olivia sits at a dining room table having dinner with her father. Abby and Huck visit David Rosen’s grave, leaving rocks on his gravestone. Outside the White House, Olivia is greeted by Fitz where they exchange smiles. And finally, two young black girls walk through Fitz’ institution until they find a stunning painting of Olivia on full display.

Overall, this was a phenomenal and satisfying finale to not only this season, but the series. There are unfortunately casualties in war and even the mightiest heroes fall. While the death in this finale was shocking, it was expected as the character would not have been able to live with the guilt of everything he knew. The stories were neatly wrapped up in a conclusion that may make some frustrated that certain characters did not bite the bullet, but in the end they got what they deserved. Finally Jake and Cyrus got what they were owed in the best ways possible: Jake was arrested and stripped of Command making him feel like a failure to his adopted dad while Cyrus was forced to resign and stripped of any hope of every obtaining his dream.

Both had their power taken away without just throwing them in jail or killing them off, which is a far worse punishment. The agents of B613 and Rowan were acquitted of all their crimes allowing them to live their lives and be reacquainted with their loved ones. And of course the Grants were able to finally be happy as they are reunited with their significant others knowing that the worst is behind them. In the end, Olivia Pope had gone through a lot and realized that she can no longer put the weight of the world on her shoulders. She knew she needed to focus on herself and she planned to do just that as she’s able to walk off into the sunset knowing she left DC better off than when she arrived.

Score: 9.5/10

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