TV ReviewsStation 19 Season 1 Episode 6: Stronger Together Review

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Synopsis: Andy and Jack take the captaincy drill test along with 18 other candidates for the spot of captain at Station 19; Travis serves as acting captain; Ben confronts Victoria regarding her fears. (IMDB)

Writer: Angela L. Harvey

Director: Nzingha Stewart

Rating: TV-14

Running Time: 43 mins

Airs: Thursdays at 9pm on CTV (Canada)/ABC (United States)

“Stronger Together” starts off with two friends chatting on a walk down the street as one of them brings up an awesome job opportunity she has across the country. The voiceover talks about the buddy system and always having something to depend on. While they walk another pedestrian trips in a pothole complaining about the abundance of them throughout the city. Andy prepares a lunch for her father while she tells Maya about last night with Ryan. Turns out Andy is preparing to take a test at work called The Incinerator, so dangerous that someone died during Pruitt’s test.

Of course before the test we need some angsty romance so Ryan shows up with a good luck charm they have passed back and forth since their childhood. They are about to have a moment when Gibson arrives to carpool with Andy to the test. The Incinerator is a test that pushes all captain applicants to their limit making sure that the best candidate is selected. While we thought Andy and Gibson were going head-to-head for this promotion it turns out many other external applicants have thrown their hats into the ring as Station 19 has the only open captain’s position. In front of Chief Frankel and Fire Chief Ripley, the applicants are divided into teams of four that will run four drills with each of them acting as captain in one of the rounds. The test requires the team to enter a warehouse, extinguish the fire and save a dummy. Of course the groups are selected alphabetically so Jack Gibson and Andy Herrera are paired up with meathead Cole and fiery Charlotte.

Round one has Acting Captain Cole dismissing the women as he and Gibson do the drill. He continues to belittle the women by calling them “hun,” which Charlotte answers by calling him “sugar pie cupcake boo.” In the end, Cole is able to save the dummy with ease. Round two has Acting Captain Charlotte acting carelessly with her decisions because she believes she isn’t taken seriously and needs to prove herself. After putting Andy’s life on the line, she sees Charlotte as dangerous for Station 19. Round three is Gibson’s turn and his drill is a little bit different. Turns out the drill has no dummy and is about protecting his team from dangerous conditions. In the end, he’s able to connect the dots and is the first person able to beat this drill in five years.

Finally onto round four as it’s Andy’s turn to play the role of captain. With the warehouse full of smoke from previous drills, Andy implements a crawling chain to move through the building. That is until the building crumbles and falls on Cole knocking him unconscious. As Frankel instructs them to leave, Andy searches for the dummy to complete the drill. Her and Gibson are able to save it, but Frankel is pissed. Frankel is against every decision that Andy made, but that’s when Ripley steps in. He tells Frankel to stay unbiased in her decision-making and gives Andy a talk on the balance between practical and moral choices. Andy is on thin ice for the captain’s position. Dun dun duh.

Meanwhile back at the station, Montgomery is acting captain and after directing the crew as an uptight leader they are called into a situation. Turns out one of the women from the beginning has gotten her leg caught in one of those potholes. Rather than freak out about her current predicament, she’s scared that her friend, the love of her life, is moving away. Oh and she hasn’t told her friend how she feels. She asks how these women can be so fearless at their job, which hits hard for Victoria given her current fear of fire. During the commotion, the woman’s friend comes up allowing her to open up about her feelings and they kiss. The crew is able to get her out of the pothole and off to the hospital.

At dinner, Victoria decides to open up to the station about her sudden fear of fire and that she needs their help. They don’t want to worry Andy or Gibson and decide to help train her and control her fear even going as far as saying she will be on hydrant duty going forward. And finally the elephant in the room, Miller noticed Pruitt was not doing well and suggested he go home and relax. Pruitt agrees so long as Miller doesn’t tell anyone. The episode ends as Andy comes home calling out for her dad, but he isn’t there. Turns out he went to Grey Sloan Memorial asking to see his doctor Miranda Bailey.

Captain’s Log

  • Who will end up becoming Captain of Station 19?
  • What will happen to Pruitt?
  • Will Montgomery and Grant become a thing?
  • Will Maya and Ryan let sparks fly between them?
  • Will Victoria beat her fear of fire?
  • What will Victoria and Ben’s relationship be going forward? Seems like she may fall for him.
  • Will Ben decide firefighting is not for him and change careers yet again? He did not seem good during this week’s call.
  • Why does Frankel dislike Andy so much?

Overall, this was a good episode. Andy and Gibson are able to work professionally at the captain’s test showing that the station can continue to function. Meanwhile, the remainder of the crew show their tight bond and relationship as they protect each other like any family would. While the captain vacancy has allowed for any new face to be added to this roster as seen through the long list of applicants, it is overshadowed by the complications that Pruitt is facing and what that may mean for the rest of Station 19. With half the season already over, expect the unexpected.

Score: 8/10

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