MoviesFive Films to Watch If You Like DC’s ‘Shazam!’

We recommend our top five picks to watch after you’ve seen this light-hearted addition to the DCEU.

The DCEU has had quite the rocky road with films that fall on either side of the spectrum. While some have been received poorly by fans and critics, the past few have seen a brighter future for this franchise. Their most recent outing proves that DC’s stories don’t always need to be doom and gloom (review here).

For this week’s list of movie recommendations, I’ve looked at stories that give a similar light-hearted adventure atmosphere or feel like influences on this film. These films aren’t all cinematic masterpieces by any means, but they certainly quench the craving that Shazam! might leave you with after two hours of superhero fun.


The first film on this list is a throwback one that most certainly influenced the style and dynamic of Shazam! The Goonies follows the story of a group of misfit kids who go on the hunt for a pirate’s ancient hidden treasure. It might not be the same type of story, but it’s the characters that make these films so similar. The misfit group of kids in The Goonies feels reminiscent of the foster family in Shazam! Both deal with themes of family, bravery and camaraderie which is the heart of both these tales. If you enjoyed Shazam!’s characters, themes, or atmosphere then you might like The Goonies.


Go, go Power Rangers! Power Rangers follows the story of a group of high-school students, infused with superpowers, who harness their abilities in order to save the world. Another film focused on family dynamics and camaraderie, this group of misfits feels eerily similar to those in Shazam! Pair the superhero power element and it starts to feel more like DC’s latest film. They even deal with similar magical villains! If you enjoyed Shazam!’s story, characters, themes, tone, or atmosphere then you might like Power Rangers.


The original superhero movie to compare all others after it. Superman follows the story of an alien orphan who is sent from his dying planet to Earth where he becomes their first and greatest hero. It might not hold up or be nearly as profitable as others in recent decades, but Superman was groundbreaking for its time. Shazam! is constantly compared to the Man of Steel due to their eerily similar superpowers. However, while Shazam! is lighthearted and kid-centric, Superman deals with more themes of morality. If you enjoyed Shazam!’s action, characters, tone, or atmosphere then you might like Superman.


If Marvel had an equivalent superhero to DC’s Shazam! it would be the merc with a mouth. Deadpool follows the story of a fast-talking vulgar mercenary who seeks revenge after an underground experiment leaves him disfigured with accelerated healing powers. Yes these two films are significantly different in their maturity rating, but don’t let that fool you on their similarities. The meta humour, lighthearted superhero stories and strong action sequences give the same overall vibe making these heroes the odd uncles of their respective families. If you enjoyed Shazam!’s tone, or style then you might like Deadpool.


The final film on this list is one that deals with the more magical elements of Shazam! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice follows the story of a master sorcerer who must find and train Merlin’s descendant to defeat a dark sorceress. Shazam!’s powers are gifted to him by a mystical wizard who protects the world from the seven deadly sins. This magical element is paralleled in this fantasy adventure tale. The protagonist must learn to use his immense magical gifts to defeat a dark magic villain bent on destroying the world. If that and its kid-friendly story don’t sound enticing enough it has Nic Cage as an old, narcissistic wizard. If you enjoyed Shazam!’s story, themes, tone, style or atmosphere then you might like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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