TV ReviewsKnightfall (2×06) Blood Drenched Stone Review

Dylan PhillipsApril 30, 201990/100
Roel Reiné
Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris
Running Time
44 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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Chartres Temple is under siege as vendettas push sides to make regrettable, tactical mistakes. Landry must make a choice to protect his daughter from those who hope to destroy her. Meanwhile, the French Royals and their loyalties are wearing thin as the truth bubbles to the surface. As the Temple falls, can the Templars defeat the misguided King before he wipes out their entire order? On to Friday the 13th!

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Finally the truth has been revealed and the conflict can focus on the war ahead. It opens with Princess Isabella planning a tea party with her sister-in-law Princess Margaret. Here’s what went down in “Blood Drenched Stone.”

At the gates of Chartres Temple, King Philip and his French Army await war with the Templar. The Pope comes to parlay with the knights and explains the charges of heresy. Grand Master Molay agrees to surrender, but allows the remaining Templars to make their own choices. A small group leaves with Molay and the Pope while the rest remain within the safe walls of the Temple.

King Philip becomes enraged at learning that Landry stayed within the Temple and ends up attacking it by blowing it up with gunpowder. Landry and the Templars manage to fight back and blow up the remaining cart of black powder. This tense siege is interrupted when Prince Louis arrives seeking answers.

He confronts his father and they discuss the issue of Landry, the murderer of his beloved mother Joan. Louis explains how he killed Eve and plans to get revenge against the man who killed his mother. While Philip is pleased with this answer, he doesn’t know what Louis may have in store with his information.

The siege of Chartres continues as Philip sends a siege tower to the Temple walls. As the French plan to storm the walls, Landry manages to torch the tower during the night. However, things become worse for the Templars when one of their own is captured and out of fear from torture gives up the location of a sally port entrance into the Temple.

King Philip uses this entrance to blow a hole in the wall and the French army storms the Temple. Landry sees Philip enter the walls and they engage in a fight, but as the King gets the upper-hand the other Templars lay down their arms to save their own. This leaves the Templars at the mercy of the French coming to an infamous day in the Templars’ history.

Meanwhile, the tea party of Isabella and Margaret is a success as the former believes she is being watched by her father’s spies. She decides to use Margaret as a means to continue her sinful behaviour, but then turns this around on her sister-in-law and frames her for having an extramarital affair.

  • Will Landry and the Templars survive the infamous Friday the 13th?
  • Will Gawain switch sides again?
  • What will happen to Princess Margaret?
  • Will King Philip be able to keep control over the new Pope?

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