TV ReviewsKnightfall (2×08) While I Breathe, I Trust the Cross Review

Rick Jacobson
Aaron Helbing
Running Time
44 minutes
Mondays 10pm
Overall Score
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The final battle between the Church and Crown was a long, bloody bout, but it had some satisfying moments. The return of Talus, implosion of the Royal Court and unfortunate demise of beloved characters made for an emotional affair. Paired with its satisfying final fight and completed redemption arc, this season leaves itself on a high note with unlimited possibilities going forward.

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With Landry and his brothers burning at the stake for their heresy, the death of the Templar Order is imminent. It opens with the Templars tied to stakes as they pray for solace. However, things become interesting when a group of wagons come to the square and reveal themselves to be Talus and the Lepers. They manage to free their Templar brothers and escape to the Temple while an angry King Philip looks on. Here’s what went down in “While I Breathe, I Trust the Cross.”

Philip quickly puts the city on lockdown causing the Templars to seek refuge at their old temple. Unfortunately for them, Philip has boarded up their only means of escape and with nowhere else to turn they are forced to climb into the sewage tunnel. Here they stumble upon Lydia (Salome Gunnarsdottir), the woman that Louis was keeping captive. She decides to come with them, despite her reservations about the Templar, and offers her vacant home as a safe house.

Unfortunately en route they get split up in a battle. Tancrede goes with Lydia to her home who breaks down as she continues to grieve for her family. Landry and Gawain hide in the streets from the French troops as Louis and his men pass by. They aren’t interested in finding the Templars as he wants to find his beloved Margaret. He heads to the tower where she is, but finds that she has fatally wounded herself to chose her own fate and all that Louis can do is be there for his wife.

With a lull in the conflict, Landry and Gawain argue over who is to blame for the ongoing conflict. Landry says Gawain betrayed his brothers and turned to the Crown while Gawain blames Landry’s betrayal of the Templar Code and having an affair with the Queen. Meanwhile, Talus is with Sister Anne and Rhone who find themselves quickly ambushed by royal guards. Talus tells them to escape while he cuts them down like the badass Templar he is.

During the battle, King Philip confronts his daughter Isabella and reminds her of her role in all of this. She is meant to marry the Prince of England so she can unite their countries. However, he tells her to always act like the wolf because a Queen needs to be ruthless, not kind. Meanwhile, the Templars reconvene and plan to steal the King’s ship to flee to safety. They use the sewers to get there and surprise the guards, but in the fight both Sister Anne and Tancrede are shot by arrows.

Landry and the Templars board the ship, but with King Philip closing in they have to quickly sail away. Tancrede, who is merely injured, feigns death on the docks to avoid being captured by the King. However, when King Philip thinks he has failed, Landry returns to the castle to have one last confrontation with his adversary. Philip believes himself to have the upperhand with both Louis and DeNogaret by his side, but they both quickly turn on him for the atrocities he forced upon them. They depart the chamber and leave Philip alone with Landry.

They engage in a sword fight as pieces of furniture are toppled over around the room. The King tries to feign injury to trick Landry into a feeling of false hope, but he isn’t phased. The injured Landry managed to overtake the King and finally defeat his biggest foe. He speaks the words “God has forsaken you” before stabbing through the chest of King Philip starting a new chapter for the French Royal Family.

      • Will Louis be a different ruler than his father?
      • What will be the fate of Tancrede?
      • Where will Gawain’s allegiance fall?
      • Will Landry and Eve retire from the Templar life?

What did you think of “While I Breathe, I Trust the Cross”? Was it a satisfying finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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