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Ariba BhuvadMay 15, 201970/100
Gregory Smith
Todd Helbing, Eric Wallace
Running Time
42 minutes
Tuesdays 8pm
Space, The CW
Overall Score
Rating Summary
With Legacy, the season 5 finale brings Barry face-to-face with the Reverse Flash and leaves us excited for the "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

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Synopsis: Barry faces off with his oldest and most formidable nemesis, Reverse Flash. (TVGuide)

After a season of ups and mostly downs, The Flash gives us something to talk about in its season five finale. Picking up from last week’s episode, Ralph figures out what Thawne’s plan was all along. Basically, he sent Nora back in time not just to meet her parents but to be a pawn in his devious plan that would ultimately give him his powers back. You see, the dagger was suppressing Thawne’s powers so he needed everything that happened to go down the way to have the dagger destroyed.

Luckily, Ralph manages to stop the dagger from getting obliterated but doesn’t stop Cicada II from stealing it moments after. The blast to Ralph’s body contorted it in a reverse manner and left him in a strange, funky shape. Speaking of Cicada II, Grace works alongside her uncle in the season five finale as he guides her to take the time sphere and use it to stop certain things from happening on the night of the particle accelerator explosion.

Leave it to Sherloque to figure out the whole Thawne mystery, which leads Barry to decide that they should go after Cicada first. Meanwhile, they still have Ralph to take care of for which Sherloque suggests a plan for. They’ll blast him and in turn, it should make his muscle memory kick in. And guess what? Mission successful!

Nora comes in handy the season five finale when she comes up with a suggestion on how to defeat Cicada II. They’ll make the younger version of Grace take the cure which will prevent Cicada II from ever existing. After getting to the cabin, Cicada II tries to take the team down but before she can do much, Joe sends her through a portal and straight to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Nora manages to convince young Grace to take the cure but it doesn’t work out the way they would have hoped. There’s a piece of the dagger in her head so basically, it means that their only option is to get rid of it. Of course, Cicada II escapes S.T.A.R. Labs and heads to the cabin where she almost kills Nora. But not while Daddy Dearest is around! Barry manages to destroy the dagger with the Mirror Gun as it comes through a breach.

While they get rid of Cicada II, things are working out in Thawne’s favor in the future as he is freed of his constraints. As Thawne wreaks havoc, Nora and Barry show up to try and stop him. One thing leads to another including Thawne splitting into two racing around the city again Nora and Nora giving it her all in pursuit of killing Thawne. Just before Thawne runs away, he tells Barry that if he wants to save Nora then she’ll have to go back into the Negative Speed Force. Now we know if she was just going to chill in the present forever.

However, she refuses to go into the Negative Speed Force because she doesn’t want to turn into Thawne, which means she’ll disappear into thin air Infinity War style. See ya later, Nora! In her absence (for now), Team Flash celebrates the legacy Nora left behind. Barry and Iris couldn’t be more proud of who their daughter is, even though their time with her was brief (again, for now).

As a side note, Singh gets promoted to Chief of Police and makes Joe the new Captain of the CCPD! Oh, and Singh knows Barry is the Flash. Say what?!

Barry and Iris find a key in Nora’s diary which leads them to a video that Nora left behind for them. She’s reflecting back on the time she spent with them as we get glimpses of Cisco taking the cure. Goodbye, Vibe! We also see Sherloque reunited with Renee on his Earth, Joe kicking butt at being the new Captain, and Caitlin finding a costume that Cisco made for her. A happy ending for all, it seems.

In the final moments of The Flash season five finale, we get our second sneak peek into the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline as the time vault’s headline of the crisis changes from 2024 to 2019. Get excited, folks!

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