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Keith NoakesMay 17, 201978/100
Kevin Tancharoen
James C. Oliver, Sharla Oliver
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Window of Opportunity was an improvement over last week's premiere as the overarching plot of this season is becoming much clearer but the season as a whole definitely has a lot more work left to do.

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Synopsis: While Fitz and Enoch struggle in space, Sarge and his team move forward with their mysterious mission on Earth. (IMDB)

Things are finally becoming clearer this season, now two episodes in as we finally know why Sarge and his team are on Earth but whatever they are trying to do here remains to be seen. We also know what’s been going on with Fitz since we saw he and Enoch last and it definitely wasn’t as sinister as what the end of the last episode made it out to be.

Window of Opportunity started with Sarge and his team robbing a Cincinnati convenience store before heading back out on the road. They made a stop in a shipping yard before arguing over their fallen comrade. They needed PEGs (whatever they are) for something and appeared to have found in after finding an add for a jewelry store. Meanwhile back at SHIELD, Mack did not want to raise any panic over the fact that Sarge looked like Coulson. New addition Dr. Marcus Benson (Barry Shabaka Henley) was on the case.

Mack knew that Yo-Yo had a relationship with Agent Keller (Lucas Bryant) and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Benson found alien DNA where after stripping all the weird stuff away, was a match to Coulson. Meanwhile, some of Sarge’s team were working on something at the shipping yard while he and the others went to the jewelry store. Sarge would sweet talk the saleswoman into leading them to their vault where they would set up a portal to their truck in the shipping yard. May and Yo-Yo found nothing at the shipping yard so they refocused their efforts on the jewelry store.

Sarge and his team were looking for conductive crystals for some unknown reason (perhaps to power Sarge’s weapon). Meanwhile, the rest of SHIELD still had no idea of what they wanted or what their plan was so May went back to the shipping yard and found the invisible truck where she went on a war path for Sarge. She handled herself against Sarge’s team until he showed up and they would all get a way (not before May brought up Coulson). Sarge didn’t know Coulson but admitted that it raised a bell. Back at SHIELD, Benson cracked a chip found on the concrete guy which contained a video of Sarge and his team attempting to escape a planet that was on the verge of destruction (perhaps via a Thanos snap?).

In space, Fitz was working on an alien ship while posing as another alien. This plan did not last long as he accidentally outed himself, putting he and Enoch in danger but Fitz found a way to talk himself out of it. Enoch was still worried for them. Their safety meant risking the other aliens they were with so of course Fitz did not want to risk their lives so he and Enoch devised a plan to save them which was just Enoch sending all the bad aliens into space.

The last scene was of Fitz and Enoch changing course from their original plan in order to save the aliens they saved while Daisy, Jemma, and the others just missed them.

While Window of Opportunitywas an improvement over last week, it would be nice to have a better idea about what is going on and where’s Deke?

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