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Keith NoakesMay 10, 201975/100
Clark Gregg
Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm
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Rating Summary
Missing Pieces was a solid but slow start, awkwardly moving away from the events of last season while trying to forge a new path for the main characters. While not everything worked here, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

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Synopsis: Scattered across the galaxy, the team works to find their footing in the wake of losing Coulson. (IMDB)

Missing Pieces is an appropriate title for the Season 6 premiere of Agents of Shield as there were certainly plenty of pieces here but some were unfortunately missing which made it tricky to figure out what was going on, at least right away. With last season’s finale written to be a series finale, this season had it’s work cut out for it and this season premiere definitely takes the series in a much different direction than last season’s premiere but don’t expect it to address the events of Avengers: Endgame anytime soon.

The episode started with a still-frozen Fitz and Enoch on a ship to the lighthouse where Enoch detected an oncoming threat and would have to analyze the best way to protect Fitz as their ship would somehow get sliced in half. One year later, Daisy and Simmons, along with Agent Piper and Davis (who got more screen time) were on a space mission of their own to find Fitz. Out of fuel, they landed on a hostile planet where they were immediately boarded. Their new guests did not pose much of a threat as Daisy dealt with them rather easily. She had developed a reputation over their time in space which allowed them to get the fuel they needed along with information about Fitz’s potential whereabouts.

The team found one of the broken ship halves and it was deserted and the pod which once held Fitz was empty. They took the pod back with them and wondering what he must have felt in there, Simmons climbed in but in doing so, she found a clue which was where the pod was created, a planet much deeper in space. Meanwhile, the others were worried about her. She never lost hope about Fitz and was barely hanging on. At their wit’s end and gone for months, the rest of the team (some appeared to have not made the journey) wanted to go home, however, Simmons wasn’t ready to give up. Their ship got attacked but instead of plotting coordinates to jump back to Earth, Simmons plotted coordinates to the planet where she thought Fitz would go to, believing that he would try to refreeze himself.

Back on Earth, Mack, who became the new director of SHIELD, along with the rest of the organization (including other agents who got screen time) were investigating a strange anomaly that keeps popping up in different parts of the world and causing “reality warps”. May and her team traveled to a park in Indiana as a man who was clearly from a different universe came out of a wall, unfortunately for him, his friend behind him didn’t make it, only coming out halfway. The man took down May’s ship. They did not know much about this strange man or how he got to their universe but they had a working theory about energy lines.

Mack met with a hologram Coulson. The day was the one year anniversary of when May and Coulson left the others. Meanwhile, May needed to find more brains for their operation. With Mack as the new director, he has moved on from Yo-Yo but she still had feelings for him (She appeared to have a relationship with another agent for whom she thought was secret but May was on to them). May found a potential department head in a friend of her ex-husband Andrew who was a doctor of natural science. Mack wanted him to rebuild the SHIELD academy.

Other strange guests appeared and were waiting for their leader, a man named Sarge. Something was coming as the half-man had a timer counting down to something, along with coordinates to a museum. The strange people showed up, seemingly planting explosives. SHIELD showed up as a beam shot up out of the museum tower into the sky before blowing up. A big rig came out of another portal to run through their blockade. Sarge came out and he just happened to share a resemblance to Coulson and had never heard of SHIELD. In the end, they all drove away.

The last scene was of Fitz working on something while speaking in an alien language. He injected himself with something and was ready to go with the person who was waiting for him off screen.

Hopefully these missing pieces come together soon.

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