TV ReviewsBrooklyn Nine-Nine (6×16) Cinco de Mayo Review

Keith NoakesMay 10, 201986/100
Rebecca Asher
David Phillips
Running Time
21 minutes
8:30 (CityTV), 9pm (NBC)
Overall Score
Rating Summary
Cinco de Mayo brought back Brooklyn Nine-Nine's annual heist in a big way as an unlikely character would came out on top.


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Synopsis: In order to distract Terry from the stress of his upcoming lieutenant’s exam, Jake, Holt and the squad decide to hold the annual Halloween Heist on a new date, Cinco de Mayo. (IMDB)

The cold open was of Hitchcock getting into the Cinco de Mayo mood which was not convenient for Terry who was stressed about his lieutenant’s exam. In order to distract Terry from his upcoming test, the precinct decided to bring back their annual heist which they could not hold the previous Halloween due to a gas leak.

The item up for grabs this time around was Scully’s medical alert bracelet. The competitive juices flowed as Amy looked to defend her still-contested crown (Holt believed he won last year since he got the belt after the fact and whose trash talk was especially savage) as Jake teamed up with Terry and Holt teamed up with Amy. Feeling left out, Charles wanted to team up with Rosa who wasn’t interested in competing this time around as she felt there was nothing new to do anymore. To start, Hitchcock and Scully laid down on the floor of a stockroom with pillows that they somehow got and were locked in a room (not the worst day ever for them).

For something that seemed spur of the moment, Jake was surprisingly prepared and planned for everything and appeared that the heist was more for him than for Terry (Jake’s victory banner only had his name on it). Jake found Scully’s twin brother Earl (Scully’s first name is Norm). Meanwhile, Holt wanted Amy to convince Jake that she was pregnant with his baby (he was fully prepared for this too). Then Jake paraded Scully’s twin around to make it look like he was winning, however, this was just a distraction while Terry got the bracelet from the real Scully (though Jake got shocked from the modified Fitbit that Amy got him).

Because Jake’s banner only had his name, he betrayed Terry by locking him in the interrogation room with Scully before taking the bracelet but things got worse when Scully learned that Earl was there as well. Scully was certainly not happy about that as he jumped through the glass to go after him followed by Terry who did the same though with Jake. Meanwhile, Holt and Amy tried to remove Earl’s bracelet until Scully showed up. Scully and Earl had a falling out after Earl slept with Scully’s wife and they would have a silly-looking fight over it.

Bringing Earl in was Charles’ idea in the end and while Earl and Scully fought, he donned a disguise and took the bracelet. Rosa would get the upper hand on Charles by dosing his fake beard in chloroform and having him shipped away to New Jersey. The twists continued when it was revealed that Rosa had been working with Holt in secret though Jake anticipated that as well. He convinced Terry to work with him again to get the bracelet from Cheddar’s chew toy by devising a ruse to get it alone and dressing Terry up in gold paint, only to betray him again because of his expensive banner.

The twists were still not over as Kevin swapped chew toys before Terry and gave it to Amy. Unfortunately for her, Jake gave her a pen that he modified into a taser and used it on her (and Bill was still alive and showed up for some reason). Amy told Jake that she was pregnant but Holt would squash that by revealing that it was his idea for her to say that. Terry finally had enough of the craziness and declared that everyone sucked. This was the code word to unlock Jake’s banner and summon a mariachi band which would knock him out.

With his test almost here, the team struggled to get him there but it would all be a plan for Terry to get the bracelet and unlock a fancy banner and mariachi band of his own (he secretly trained Cheddar to get him the bracelet). Everything was Terry’s plan all along, from having the heist cancelled last Halloween to playing everyone until then. He took the lieutenant’s exam weeks prior and passed.

There were perhaps a few too many twists and turns but nonetheless, congratulations Terry for coming out on top!

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