TV ReviewsAgents of SHIELD (6×03) Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson Review

Keith NoakesMay 24, 201979/100
Jesse Bochco
Brent Fletcher, Craig Titley
Running Time
45 minutes
Fridays 8pm
Overall Score
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Despite a ridiculous turn, Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson was an improvement over what has been a slow season so far of Agents of SHIELD thanks to a fun performance from Joel Stoffer as Enoch.

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Synopsis: While Fitz and Enoch try their luck at the casino, Daisy and Simmons find themselves in a much more exciting situation. (IMDB)

Last episode ended with Simmons just missing Fitz, Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson saw them get even closer to one another and they would have reunited if not for a truly stupid subplot that would derail their efforts.

The majority of this episode took place in space and started with a hunter chronicon (there are different kinds) named Malachi (Christopher James Baker) looking for bounties before ending up on Fitz and Enoch who were on their way to Kitson. Once they arrived (Enoch stopped Fitz from eating something that looked like food), they had their special snails that they were planning to sell for a new cryo chamber taken along with their ship, leaving them a single casino chip (instead of selling them out). Now their only option was to try their luck at the local casino.

Once at the casino, Fitz and Enoch were lost about how to proceed as Enoch’s lack of social skills became apparent. Fitz saw Enoch’s advanced computing ability as an advantage, however, Enoch saw things differently. He was actually doing well at a certain game until he was fooled by another player’s bluff.

Meanwhile, Daisy and the team argued about what to do about Simmons after she hijacked the ship while arriving at a custom station. They were interrupted by a strict inspector who wanted to come aboard to inspect their ship. Once they allowed the inspector on board, they learned about Fitz’s current situation as Malachi also came aboard but he was easily subdued. Malachi knew quite a lot about Fitz and his supposed past and future. They then caught wind that Fitz’s ship made an unexpected turn to Kitson.

Now on Kitson, Daisy broke some bones in order to gain information about Fitz and Enoch’s whereabouts. Daisy, Simmons, and David also decided to eat the strange-looking food that Enoch warned Fitz against eating. The strange-looking food would apparently had hallucinogenic side effects which did not exactly help Daisy, Simmons, and Davis (who would let Malachi get away and call more hunter chronicons as reinforcements) to find Fitz.

Over their time together, Fitz and Enoch have become close (or at least Enoch saw it that way) so his last experience made him question the state of their friendship. With no more chips, Enoch suggested an analytical yet risky game for Fitz to play (while Enoch secretly helped) but if he were to lose, he would be sold into slavery. Things were looking fine until Enoch was found to be a synth thanks to the hunter chronicons (who have made their way to the casino) which he detected after they had deactivated and Fitz rebooted him which immediately made them look suspicious in the eyes of the other casino employees.

Daisy, who was still under the influence, took on the hunter chronicons while Enoch pondered his existence and usefulness after he discovered that he had been decommissioned. Fitz was able to cheer Enoch up, finally admitting that he was his best friend, and he helped him escape just in time to find Simmons, who was also still under the influence. Their reunion was a short one as Malachi found Fitz and beamed him somewhere else. Enoch, who was still unaware of what happened to the others, was surprised to see Simmons.

As mentioned, the whole episode couldn’t stay in space the whole time so the last scene was of Sarge shooting his laser weapon into the sky, seemingly changing the alignment of the stars and creating signals across the United States.

It’s unclear what Sarge did but it probably isn’t good.

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