TV ReviewsiZombie (5×06) The Scratchmaker Review

Ariba BhuvadJune 7, 2019
Malcolm Goodwin
Prathiksha Srinivasan, Joshua Levy
Running Time
42 minutes
Thursdays 8pm
The CW
Overall Score
Rating Summary
In The Scratchmaker, brains are running out and tensions are rising in the city of Seattle as Blaine refuses to share information on his operations. A slower episode than usual, but intriguing nonetheless as we approach the end.

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Synopsis: After consuming the brain of the ultimate matchmaker, Liv is determined to find the perfect match for Major; Blaine tries to protect himself; Don E. considers an interesting offer. (TVGuide)

Seattle is really struggling to keep it together amidst the brain deficit but not if Major Lilywhite has anything to do with it! Major’s character development has been one of the best parts of this final season as he finally has some substance to his story in The Scratchmaker.

As we reach the halfway point of the final season of iZombie, things are sort of remaining stagnant with some plot development in some places. When The Scratchmaker starts off, Blaine is still in prison and refuses to help Major procure brains for Seattle. Meanwhile, things are getting worse in Seattle as protesters stand outside the Scratching Post. Blaine does not have many fans after the expose on him came out, and it’s not helping his business or the assets he currently has.

Trying to get Blaine out on bail, his lawyer and he try to convince Don E to give up the emergency fund to do so. There’s not much money left but Blaine needs to get out, plus he sent Don E a secret message that alerted him to burn down Blaine’s house. It’s game time and everything has to work out perfectly.

After Blaine gets out on bail, his first stop is to visit Al, the reporter who wrote the article about him. It turns out he can’t do much damage because she is a zombie as well. When he leaves Al’s, he begins thinking about how he saw a pregnant Dale at the station and realizes she has taken the cure. He begins to research about it and comes across the Freylich brain news and realizes he knows what he has to do to get back in the game.

As the episode goes on, we learn that Al is Mr. Boss’ niece and that there was an elaborate plan to take down Blaine all along. Intending on staying in the brain business, Mr. Boss tries to strike up a new deal with Major who is working diligently to get brains into Seattle. He’s running out of options as the government won’t give him more money or provide help in any way.

Luckily, Major has an idea to reach out to the head of a company that operates very much like Amazon with quick deliveries. He will use this company to get brains into Seattle which will prevent any sort of chaos from breaking out between humans and zombies. After learning that they’re screwed out of a deal, Don E and Mr. Boss try to appeal to Major and decide to reduce their price of brains in order to keep his business.

Meanwhile, Blaine is up to no good and tracks down a college student that has a Freylich brain. He offers her a half a million dollars in exchange for her brain when she dies, which will most certainly be premature if he has anything to do with it.

iZombie doesn’t feel like it is in its final season so hopefully they pick up the pace or insert some more emotional moments in the last handful of episodes. It feels strange that there is no such indication that the story will be coming to a close soon, and it’s unclear whether this is intentional or not. We will have to wait it out and see what happens but it better give us a proper ending!

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