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Don Handfield, Richard Rayner
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352 minutes
Mondays 10pm
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Knightfall Season 2 is an intense historical drama that dives deeper into the background of this prolific group. While uneven and awkward at times, the gripping performances, atmosphere, sublime cinematography and stellar direction help this story charge forward. Knightfall continues in the footsteps of the great history series before it.

Historical series can be hit or miss due to the writing and the direction. It all hinges on how many fantasy elements are thrown into the story mixed with the successful execution of creating an immersive atmosphere. In this short season, Knightfall manages to expand on its previous season while also acting as a strong self-contained story. Before reading our full season review, check out the individual reviews here to get all caught up on the stories of this season.

The main story of season two revolves around the return of Landry to the Knights Templar after being excommunicated for his actions. He is stripped of his rank and forced to go through imitation once again under the mentorship of the disgruntled Master Talus (Mark Hamill). Meanwhile, King Philip will stop at nothing to kill Landry, even if that means destroying the Knights Templar. He employs the help of Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt) and Prince Louis (Tom Forbes), but both soon realize the ulterior motives of their father and begin making decisions based on personal gain. As the war between the Templars and Crown reaches the infamous Friday the 13th, both sides face off in a pivotal and fatal fight that will decide the fate of France.

Just like Vikings and Rome before it, Knightfall centers itself around a fictional protagonist in a non-fictional world. This causes the events surrounding them to be somewhat influenced by their actions, causing some inaccuracies within the historical recount. Thankfully, it still falls within the realm of believability creating an engrossing and dark atmosphere.

This is achieved through the cinematography and direction of the season that continues to build an immersive story within this historical setting. The natural lighting, grimy locations and wardrobe are just a few of the elements that elevate this series. The direction is on full display from some excellently choreographed fight scenes to the somber emotional moments. The latter is helped by gripping performances by the ensemble, in particular Cullen and Hamill who steals every scene he is in.

However, while the direction delivers, the writing leaves a little something to be desired. The story from episode to episode the story feels uneven as pacing goes from fast to crawling speeds. The over-embellished fantastical elements result in some awkward, inorganic dialogue. And unfortunately the season lacks a big action sequence or satisfying Medieval battle like its predecessor, but it makes up for it with Jedi Knights Templar Mark Hamill.

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