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Keith NoakesJuly 1, 201990/100
Sam Levinson
Sam Levinson
Running Time
56 minutes
Sundays 10pm
HBO Canada, HBO
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Made You Look was another excellent episode thanks to some more great writing and direction that focused on another character while continuing to follow Rue's downward spiral.

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Synopsis: Kat tries her first camming session; Jules falls for a boy online; Maddy finds something odd on Nate’s phone; Cassie and McKay spend the weekend at his school; Rue is confronted about her lies at NA. (IMDb)

After an overambitious first episode, Euphoria seems to have found its groove with more micro + Rue storytelling to great success. Made You Look focuses yet on another character as it followed Kat and her growing self-confidence while getting closer to Ethan. What made this work as well as it did was Barbie Ferreira’s great performance. Meanwhile, Rue struggled with her sobriety after her near-death experience in the last episode while she was concerned about Jules who was getting closer to her new online suitor who we know is really Nate. This subplot wasn’t necessary but Chris and Cassidy went to a college frat party which didn’t really amount to anything.

The episode started with Rue narrating Kat’s life story up to that point including how her love of virgin pina coladas led to a sudden weight gain which caused the breakup with her childhood crush. From there she would fantasize about TV romances with men that would never leave her which then led to her becoming a prolific online romantic fan fiction author where she would get rather graphic (an animated sequence involving One Direction was something). Unfortunately for her, no one knew how popular she really was online. Now, she would start her new career as a camgirl.

Kat was trying to figure out how she wasn’t more popular. Although, one of her fans offered to pay for some private time. Once she found a way to handle it anonymously, she met her fan who was really a large man with a comically tiny penis who would pleasure himself to her ridiculing him which she found hilarious. He worshiped her like a queen and offered to pay her fines for any misdeeds. Kat then used that money to buy a new outfit.

After her near-death experience, Rue was sober-ish mostly because she got in trouble afterwards. Jules was particularly worried about her. Little did her fellow NA members know, she had been sober for much longer. Meanwhile, Jules and Nate had been growing closer online, texting each other almost non-stop despite Nate still being together with Maddy. Nate sent Jules a dick pic for which Rue wasn’t impressed (this led to Rue teaching a lesson about dick pics). A better pic changed her mind. Nate wanted nude pics of her but she just wasn’t going to take any nude pics so she asked Rue for help. While in Jules’ house, Rue’s sobriety was challenged when she came across medication bottles (that were out in the open for whatever reason) for which she stole some.

After Rue’s next NA meeting, another member named Ali (Colman Domingo), he saw right through her made up shares and called her out on it and how it was affecting her family. He also offered to help, however, she wasn’t serious and refused it. Later, Jules shared with Rue that Nate wanted to meet Jules but she was concerned that they weren’t meeting somewhere public because it wasn’t safe. Jules was disappointed by Rue’s reaction. Their fight did not last long as Rue went to Jules’ house to open up about what she meant to her. Rue kissed her and then she left. Meanwhile, Maddy would get the wrong impression about Nate after looking at his phone and seeing a series of dick pics (presumably his) while he was in the shower.

In a powerful scene (mostly due to Zendaya’s performance), after her incident with Jules, Rue went to Fezco’s house to buy drugs but he wasn’t willing to help her. She was definitely upset to say the least and she gave him a lashing from outside his door, however, he just stood there on the other side and took it. Being aware of the downward spiral she was on, the episode ended with Rue calling Ali for help.

Has Rue finally seen the light?

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