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Kevin Hench
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Season One of Mr. Iglesias is a quirky, hilarious school-based sitcom that manages to be more than it ought to be. The charisma of the ensemble, headlined by a surprisingly well-acted lead performance by Gabriel Iglesias, brings enough heart, attitude and comedy to tackle the topical issues at hand in the political climate of high school.

Many Netflix sitcoms become background noise for the average viewer when they are doing some other task. Whether it’s cooking dinner, doing homework or spending time with family, putting a show on in the background to set an atmosphere has become the 21st century version of turning on the radio. Netflix knows this and uses it to their advantage by throwing out a plethora of content that isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but fills the silence and doesn’t need your full attention. Somehow, Mr. Iglesias, a series that seems destined to be put into that category, manages to break free and become much more than that.

The main story of the first season of Mr. Iglesias revolved around good-natured public high school teacher Gabe Iglesias (Gabriel Iglesias) who works at his alma mater with his old friend Tony (Jacob Vargas). With many of his students facing potential expulsion for bad grades from the evil assistant principal Carlos Hernandez (Oscar Nunez), Mr. Iglesias convinces principal Paul Madison (Sherri Shepherd) to give him a summer to boost their grades. Gabe vows to bring out the best in his students and prove that they belong with the rest of their peers, despite what any of the other faculty may think.

Honestly, this series would not have been nearly as appealing if not for the casting of Iglesias in the lead role. His charm and attitude from his stand-up sets is infectious, giving him a natural persona to tap into for a sitcom that relies on strong, investible characters. While he is the main selling point of this series for which he certainly does not disappoint, it becomes so much more than that thanks to the sum of its parts.

The premise is intriguing enough with a tone and style reminiscent to Boy Meets World from the perspective of Mr. Feeney. Mr. Iglesias wants what is best for his student and will stop at nothing to make sure that they always have someone in their corner fighting for them to succeed. This is complemented by some topical themes in heartfelt, uplifting stories about believing in one’s self and never underestimating the underdog. They may feel formulaic at times, but they are saved by the ensemble’s ability to make these common themes feel fresh.

Speaking of the ensemble, they are extremely charismatic with some well-acted performances from both the adult and teen actors. With this comes a surprising amount of comedy that tackles an array of issues, but everything circles back to the infectious persona of Fluffy. As the teacher with a soft spot for his students, Iglesias delivers an instantly likable and downright hilarious character that makes this series a surprise addition to add to the top of one’s watch list.

What did you think of the first season of Mr. Iglesias? Let me know in the comments!

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