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Critics w/o CredentialsOctober 31, 201985/100
Liz Friedlander
John J. Gray
Running Time
40 minutes
Wednesdays 10pm
FX, FX Canada
Overall Score
Rating Summary
The Lady in White seemed similar to last week's episode in the way that it did help set up the three episodes that remain this season, however, it felt progressively better as it leaned heavily on what has made this season fun and interesting.

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Synopsis: A hidden chapter of Camp Redwood is revealed. The survivors help a stranded hitchhiker. (IMDb)

After last week’s episode which felt as if it were scrambling to introduce new plotlines before this season’s final push, The Lady In White continued to push those narratives further by moving away from the usual suspects that have occupied Camp Redwood, instead focusing on those that are free from its grasp. But first, a flashback.

Before there was Camp Redwood, there was Camp Golden Star. Tragedy strikes Bobby and Benjamin, two brothers who lost their father in WWII and who attend Camp Golden Star because their mother serves as the camp cook, as Bobby is killed by a boating accident leaving his mother to blame the negligent camp staff along with his brother. We know this to be Benjamin Ricter aka Mr. Jingles and his mother becomes the first (but not the last) mass murderer on the campgrounds.

In fact, she reveals that it was by her influence that Margaret was lead along her path of murder in order to continue the vicious cycle of revenge and anger that fuel the mysteries of camp. All of this is revealed to Benjamin as his mother appears to him when he returns to camp in order to bring Margaret to justice.

Meanwhile, Donna Chambers and Brooke who are fresh off their escape from Death Row slowly make their way to Camp Redwood after learning of Margaret’s intent on having a music festival. Along their travels, they pick up a Nightstalker copycat murderer in Bruce (Dylan McDermont) who quickly goes from captor to captive as the ladies, who are no strangers to murderous villains, thwart his plans to kill them and leave him for dead on the side of the road. This was a nice surprise performance by McDermont but it also felt closer to fan service by providing a short and sweet role on this season instead of something that will have a ripple effect into the remaining episodes.

The Lady in White seemed similar to last week’s episode in the way that it did help set up the three episodes that remain this season, however, it felt progressively better as it leaned heavily on what has made this season fun and interesting; Benjamin Ricter and Brooke. Both John Carroll Lynch and Emma Roberts have done a fantastic job in crafting characters that are entertaining and enjoyable which only grew as we were shown a deeper look into Ben’s backstory. All roads are still leading to Camp Redwood and while the major battle that has been hinted at has not occurred yet we are inching closer to an epic showdown between Jingles and Nightstalker that seems it will be worth the wait.


  • We were treated to not ONE but TWO MONTAGES this episode – coming down off meds and roller skating
  • Donna bringing the Camp Redwood flyer into the hotel room for Brooke seemed like gross negligence as a licensed psychiatrist
  • Ghosts’ mentality – By killing people, it’ll bring paranormal press to camp to figure out how to free them – ughhh
  • Kaja GooGoo R.I.P.  –  Looks like their story did end (Neverending Story humor. You’re welcome)

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